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Earthchild aka Chikyuu no ko chapter 25 Recap, release date, time, and many more information

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The story

Hideo Shinkai is the writer of the manga. It is a planetary story. Which involves a normal human. Who fell in love with a superhero.

It is one of the most hyped series of this year. And it will release its 25 chapters this week. On 21 st august.

The story is about reisuke and career. Reisuke is a normal human being.  One day collides with kareri. An earthly human.

Reisuke has a photographic memory. He is so stubborn that even beats death. Kareri is a very beautiful girl. She saves reisuke.

She is extremely powerful. Despite every thing, she has faced. She was turned into a meteorite. Albert and Mamoru are also earth children. They all revolve around each other and have their nature.

The recap

He seems to be very desperate. Just to find a little time to spend. She is strengthened by his admiration.

Residue loses hope to come out of the meteorite. But she is not losing hopes. She is stronger herself and breaks it. This opens but reisuke fainted inside.

She also tries to revive his breath.  As they reach the earth. Katagiri and his team were searching for them.

They all were well aware of the scene. Everyone wanted to know what must have happened. Then they landed on earth .she was carrying him in her arms.

Everyone is shocked to see reisuke dead. As they arrive he fainted in her arms. And thus the chapter ends.

Will he survive? What happens in the next chapter?

There are no clear indications of his death. And why would he die being the main hero? But it would be a waste to preach the suspense.

Things don’t look good for Albert. As Shinkai decides to create his exception. This chapter will emphasize the earth.

The surroundings of the earth as lastly they land in the earth. Also, it will be interesting to see how will they handle it.

Fans are very excited about this chapter. It is a beautiful romantic series. With its punch of earthly creatures.

This series is newly launched. Everyone seems to be very excited. Reviews are also good. The ratings are also high.

The series still doesn’t have any anime. But it has 1 volume released of the manga. The manga is available on the net.

In both languages. Japanese and English versions. The characters are written very valuably. Also, they all help in certain development.

A series like this is called light-hearted. Also, they are very good felt when watched. The manga has created so much hype within its first volume.

All are expecting its anime adaptation.  But there is no confirmation about it. The creators are not even hinted at anything.



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