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Even so Ayumu draws closer to the endgame episode 7 – release updates and news

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The synopsis

This is a romantic comedy. It started in July 2022. The plot revolves around two high school goers. Ayumu and urushi are our main leads.

They both are in the shogi club. She is the president of the club. And becomes his mentor too. He joins the club following urushi.

Events take a cute turn when he starts liking her. He even beats her in a shogi game. All that could impress her is done.

He even tries to show off sometimes. Get to seek her attention. We also witness great chemistry. There are two more characters. Sakurano and Takeru something is brewing between them.

Episode 7

It has released on 18 august. We came across to see that urushi has bought a gift. She seems to be confused as is it right? Also, she is his senpai so she should appreciate his efforts. She decides to give it to him.

But she struggles a lot to find a moment. She thinks that it shouldn’t be seen by anyone. Her friends also tease her. As it is valentine’s day. But she refuses and says it is courtesy chocolate.

On the other hand, Sakurako gives chocolate to her friends. Ayumu and Takeru all talk about the day. Takeru snd sakurako like each other.

Ayumu meets urushi at the club. She tries her best to give it to him. But fails multiple times. She gets all red cheeks. Whenever she tries to look at him.

When she finally gives him he says he will treasure it. She smiles and says stupid you have to eat it. They both go to the library for studying.

They see sakurako and takeru. They all study together. She teaches him how to solve problems. He even asks her not to come so closer. This makes him nervous.

She teases him on this. Takeru seems happy for you. They talk and tease each other. She tutors him very well.

After the tests end. Ayumu gives a gift to urushi. Saying will she accept it. This makes her blush a lot. He says she looks cute with her red face.

But as he is going to fail. He has to go for remedial classes. And I cant play with urushi. She gets upset and here the episode ends.

The review

Fans seem to love this drama. As it is cute and chaotic. Even with such a start and a few numbers of episodes. The anime has sought people’s attention very fast.

The fans can’t wait to witness it. Some more brewing romances between them. As more and more it takes sweet turns.

It is available on Crunchyroll. With both languages. Also on other sites for anime. It will be fun to watch. what happens further to the story? Will they unite?

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