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Ruri dragon chapter 10 -Release Date, Spoilers, Plot and everything you need to know

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The summary

Masaoki shindo is the writer. It is recently launched. And till time have only 9 chapters. Ruri is a high school girl. Was leading a normal life.

Until one day she founds her body to be different. She was shocked to see them. This was shown to her mother. She remains packed face.

The truth is now being revealed to her. That she is a half-dragon. Although she wants to keep it normal.

But somehow every sees the changes. These are not some common changes. They seek their attention.

People ask her about her horns. They ask for selfies. Ask stupid questions about the wings and tail.

She finally gets to agree that she can’t have a normal life anymore. All this will be chaotic and people will see her as rare.

The recap chapter 9

She can’t believe the dragon incident. Also, she is not sure when it will happen again. She tells everyone not to panic.

Her friends also tease her. The last week, she almost burned the class. She was practicing her fire skills. Her mother tells everyone that she is sorry. This won’t happens again. They all love each other Ruri and her parents.


She is redefining her skills. Many things have changed in and around her. Nonetheless her parents are very supportive of it.

They never let her feel sad about this. Always try to make it normal at home. Also, there are attempts to make it normal at school.

It keeps on engaging you. Ruri is a very cute character. And its nature is more human than the dragon. Also, she seems to be a fully accepted person.

Chapter 10 releasing soon

This chapter will get released this week. Also, the manga readers seem to like this plot a lot. It is engaging for them.

It is a half-human half dragon story. We will see further how will she cope with this fact. What changes are yet to come?

Fans seem to like the story. It is a light-hearted show. This makes people laugh and care at the same time. Ruri seems to care a lot of other. Her parents do the same. They care about her more. But not less of others.

Also, manga is available in both languages. Through multiple websites, it will be launched. It has good reviews on the sites.

Till now there is no anime adaptation of this manga. And there are no further brews that it will. Certainly, fans hope to see anime soon.

But mostly it will be created after the manga ends. Fans have to wait a little more. Until then you can read the manga. Its other chapters are available as well.


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