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RWBY ice queendom – season 1 epidode 8 Expected release date, Plot and Everything Else here

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The story

Kumiko sukane is the writer. It is pronounced ruby. The main character is also named Ruby Rose. Revolves around an empire of ice and snow.

There is a state called Remnant. Here plague is been injected by Grimm. Grimm is the antagonist of the series.

Apart from Ruby (R), there are other three. (W)Weiss, Blake (B)and (Y) Yang. They all enroll at beacon academy to fight the villain. Together they make RWBY.

All humanity is serving the cost of Salem. A woman cursed with immortality. And tries to revive Ozma her beloved. Ozma is stuck in the world of gods.

Now Ozpin is here. Who is believed to be incarnated again? He established academies in the state.

Team RWBY proceeds to investigate their connection to Salem’s apprentice Cinder Fall, and her scheme to destroy Beacon and plunge Remnant into chaos.

The flashbacks

Due to their heavy sword and cape Jaune stocks in the ice. He looks like a perfect idiot. Weiss says abruptly. Meanwhile, the company train arrives.

The team has to barge in. Weiss has some strange feelings for the group. And she is nowhere to be found. Also, Jaune searches for her. Despite being sick.

It seems that Weiss has stood against the girls

Weiss vs Ruby Yang and Blake!!!

Episode 8 will release on 21 August. Also, it is titled “Where you belong”.

Now, this episode is expected to show how they will take Weiss back. Will she be back with her own will? What happened to her? Why she doesn’t want to be RWBY?

While they will fight her, they will also make her realize that she belongs with them, just as when she opened the doors for the train to enter.

They will fight her as she has to turn into a giant. As we saw in the last episode Weiss has turned. There are multiple Weiss giants.

But at the same time, they will try everything.  Everything to make her a part of the group again. This will first get released in Japan.

On 21 August 2022. Also, it will be available on Crunchyroll. Easily browsed other websites. Manga is also available on the net.

It is highly loved by fans. As it has its original format. It’s an American anime. Written by the same writer. Also, it has 8 seasons with the same name.

This is going to be available in both languages. And will be available to local and worldwide streams.

Also, the earlier episodes have been recently released. So there is hype around the anime. People seem to like it a lot. It is been running since this year only. With till time 7 episodes out.

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