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Shine On! Bakumatsu Bad Boys! Episode 7-Release Date, Summary, and Many more! 

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Bakumatsu Bad Boys, shine on! The seventh episode will showcase the series’ darker aspects. Ichibanboshi, who has been focused and energetic up to this point, will feel regret and guilt. He can see the brutality of life as an open wound and the absolute reality of it. His understanding of objectives will shift, and we might witness some character growth. But first, let’s review the Shine On! Bakumatsu Bad Boys narrative for a moment.

Bakumatsu Bad Boys, shine on! It depicts a time when judgments were made using sword tips and when expertise was essential. Ichibanboshi is on a road of vengeance to murder the Masked demons that killed his parents to exact retribution for their deaths. On the way, he encounters Toudou Heisuke, who is putting together a team to overthrow the group that destroyed the Shinsengumi police force.

They rebuilt Shinsengumi’s police force together with six other assassins, and are currently battling the Masked Demons. They began training together and working in teams to complete their task, despite the fact that some of them lacked the abilities of the highly trained upper-ranked members of the masked demons.


To bring Rashomaru in alive for questioning, the Shinsengumi police force is on a mission. They know where he is right now; they know he was in Shirakawaya, therefore they are headed there. Due of his lack of expertise and personal participation, Ichibanboshi was left behind. But what could he do? He nevertheless followed them. The Shinsengumi police force ambushed the mansion while it was concealed. When they got there, nobody was there.

It appears that the Masked Gang members leave before they even get there. After a careful search, they discover a hidden door that opens into a pitch-black cave. They hurriedly entered the cave and were met by a soul-sucking machine. There was also Rashomaru. He was awaiting the opportunity to capture and execute Shinsengumi police officers. He trapped them in the cave by lighting the kerosene that was kept on fire.

When Ichibanboshi gets there, he discovers an innocent man being forced to work in the town as a fundraiser for the masked demons. Rashomaru was also present, and the two of them briefly reminisced about the past. The self-destructing cave allowed some Shinsengumi police officers to escape. In the Shirakawaya mansion’s flames, they failed their mission.


Bakumatsu Bad Boys, shine on! Release day for Episode 7 is Friday, August 19, 2022. The event will take place on Friday, August 19, 2022, at 10:30 Japanese Standard Time (JST).


The Shinsengumi police force’s objective was unsuccessful. Ichibanboshi, the team’s center of gravity, becomes somber with regret. Rashomaru runs away, and who knows what he’ll do next. The Bakumatsu Bad Boys’ reorganization and general morale will receive greater attention in the upcoming episode. Since there were no post-created sequences in the previous episode, sadly, no spoilers were made public. So, what comes next will have to wait a little longer?


Let’s shine! Bad Boys of Bakumatsu! On Friday, August 19, 2022, Episode 7 will be broadcast on a number of Japanese television stations. Additionally, it will be available via streaming sites like Crunchyroll and Funimation to users all over the world.

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