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The elusive samurai chapter 73 Recap, release date, time, and many more information

Must read

The plot

Written by Yusei Matsui. Running since January 2015. It has seven volumes. Samurais are like saviors of soil. They are special armies of the king.

This story is based on a periodic drama. Tokiyuki eight-year-old boy. Will be the king soon. He is the successor of the shogunate. The brave lineage Kamakura.

Takauji is the antagonist. As he takes the power and kingdom from Kamakura. He desires to kill the prince. But tokiyuki escapes and tries to save himself.

The flashback

Tokiyuki saves himself and was rescued by yorishige. Also, he has been set up for revenge in his mind. Kojiru, Shizuku, and Ayako are his teammates.

All the characters have divine powers. They all have elusive. The abilities that led them to win a fight. They all are supportive of each other.

But none the less they all have their motives. Tokiyuki is here for revenge. Shizuku is his biggest ally. Also, she will soon make him her master.

These characters are very important. Certainly, they are written with their ambitions. They all influence the behavior of tokiyuki.

He is highly independent of them. Also, all of them are around his age. They all are a team now and moving towards. They want to win back their state.

The upcoming

The next chapter will be released next week. On this 21 st it will be released. Also, it is gaining its fanbase.

It is running for a very long time. It is till date running. Also, there are multiple sites to read the manga.

Readers can follow all the chapters. Currently, there are 73.  And now there are upcoming updates of next.

These are available in multiple languages. Also, it is much loved by audiences. People are highly invested to know what happens.

As there can be seen good chemistry between Shizuku and tokiyuki. Also, it will be seen that they fight together.

There will be dramas and battles. For the mightier to win. It will be worth a watch. Also, the anime adaptation might soon release.

Yet there is no official information. And the series seems to be neverending.



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