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What is the releasing date of Blue Lock Chapter 184- plot and twist in this episode

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Sky Lock The scheduled publication date for Chapter 184 is this coming week. In addition, as the title suggests, Isagi will succeed in scoring the prized goal. Isagi finally integrated the Meta Vision into his gaming in the previous chapter, as was evident. Additionally, the plan performed better than he had anticipated. The ball needs to be placed inside the opposing team’s goal at this point. Without further ado, here is all the information you require for the upcoming chapter. The outcome that everyone has been waiting for will finally be revealed in the upcoming chapter of Blue Lock. Here and now is where the tale of a common player becoming a legend begins.

Storyline of Blue Lock Chapter 184

“Scenery” was the subtitle for Blue Lock Chapter 183. Michael Kaiser’s sly smirk after the goal signalled the beginning of the chapter. Agi and Nagi were unable to comprehend how he managed to place the shot. On this shot, Mikage Reo and Chigiri Hyoma both had comments. Yoichi, who had remembered that the score was still one-one, is then shown in the chapter. He therefore only had one opportunity to present his argument. It was time to put the Meta-Vision tale to the test at this point. Isagi rushed to the ball as soon as the whistle blew. To get possession of the ball, he first employed the Meta Burst Point.

The 184th chapter will be titled “Best Goal Piece,” according to the most recent chapter’s storyline elements. The chapter will begin with Isagi’s Meta Vision totally shattering Nagi. Kurona will approach Isagi in the interim to inquire about his intentions to launch a right-side assault. The boy will respond “yes” and carry out the plan. He simply needs to do this now to follow the ball as it moves toward the goal. Isagi will need to disengage Meta Vision and drop his eyes in order to follow that trail in order for that to occur. He will therefore take the risk and choose the proper course to achieve the desired result.

Releasing date of Blue Lock Chapter 184

Jinpachi Ego is appointed as Japan’s World Cup coach following a review of the state of Japanese football by the Japan Football Association. Jade, according to Jinpachi, desperately needs a goal-scoring forward. Three hundred talented attackers from high schools all around Japan are imprisoned and pitted against one another in the prison-like Blue Lock, which he builds as a retaliation. The national team’s striker will be chosen from among the losers of Blue Lock, who will be permanently dropped from the squad.

There isn’t a specific gap in the publication of Blue Lock’s newest chapter. Everyone is excited for what follows after “Scenery.” So without further delay, Blue Lock Chapter 184 will be available this week. The chapter will be released in its entirety on August 17, 2022. Only on the official Kodansha pages will fans be able to read the entire manga.

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