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Ao Ashi Chapter 304: Shiba Vs. Kuri! -Expected release date, Plot and Everything Else here

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There won’t be an Ao Ashi Chapter 304 this week, which will disappoint fans. In the previous episode, Shiba recognized himself in Ashito, which compelled him to think back on his trying past. He overcame several obstacles to achieve this height. No one ever wished for him to become a professional and blamed his physical abilities. Shiba, however, disproved them and is now Ashito’s genuine inspiration. Here is all the information you need to know about the upcoming manga release!

Currently, in chapter 304, Ashita will reach his destination. He will do anything to achieve his goal of becoming Shiba. He will be guided on his journey by Shiba. The game hasn’t ended yet, in the meantime. Shiba and Kuri will be the opponents, and they’ll fight hard against one another. However, Ashito will take center stage.

What Will Take Place Next in Ao Ashi Chapter 304?

Ashito will mention Shiba’s abilities in the chapter that comes out the following week. He wants to play like him and use his innate abilities to accomplish things. Shiba, though, will advise him to proceed along his own route because he has a different goal in mind. Additionally, he will remind him of Ashito’s abilities. Ashito’s keen vision, according to Shiba, will allow him to identify the player’s weak places. But Ashito won’t stop requesting that he coach him.

Spoiler Manga Ao Ashi Chapter 304 Reddit, Ashito Aoi Berjanji Untuk Memberikan Garulla Perhatian Lebih

The game hasn’t ended yet, in the meantime. The game is about to be completed. Shiba isn’t the only person with brains, though. Kuri will use his excellent perceptive abilities to defeat Shiba. Kuri is horrified when Shiba once more grants Ashito a murder pass. Ashito will play a challenging game and score. Everyone will be shocked by it.

A Brief Recap.

Ashito had previously expressed a desire to resemble Shiba in Ao Ashi Chapter 303. Shiba was brought back to a time when he was not anticipated to become a professional athlete. His physical characteristics were weak because of his flimsy build and sluggish legs. His coach felt that despite having superb football technique, his bad body type prevented him from making the most of his abilities. Shiba was approached one day by an Esperion scout about joining their professional team. The athletes were stunned to find him working out with them, though.

They exchanged words behind his back. Shiba made the choice to give up the game at one point. But he committed to getting stronger. Soon after he arrived at the institution, Esperion called to invite him to join their team. He was excited to compete against professionals. But they did what they pleased and threw him to the ground. Shiba persisted nevertheless, training his mind to decipher any defense arrangement. Many of his teammates advised him to relax and not utilize his thoughts while playing soccer. But his instincts were important in their victory.

Release Date for Chapter 304 of Ao Ashi.

Fans must wait for the following chapter. Ao Ashi is now on vacation, so this. In Japan, this week is Obon. So, on August 25, 2022, chapter 304 will become available. It may be found on the official Webtoon, Naver, and Kakao pages. Remain tuned.

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