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Ao Ashi Episode 19 Postponed: Updated Release Time, Date, and Preview

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With fantastic animes currently in progress and more planned for this year, 2022 may be among the most amazing years for anime fans ever. Ao Ashi is among the most well-known animes of this season. The protagonist of the tale is Ao Ashito, an Ehime middle schooler in his third year who aspires to play professional football. He was extraordinarily gifted for his age, but his family’s financial difficulties prevented him from pursuing his aspirations. Nevertheless, coach Fukuda from J1 league team Tokyo Esperion, who was at one of Aoi’s games, sees their enormous potential in him and asks him for a trial at Tokyo Esperion. Coach Fukuda also discusses what challenges Aoi might have to overcome before realising his ambition. Ao Ashi follows Aoi Ashito, an Ehime middle schooler in his third year. Although Ashito has incredible potential hidden behind his unpolished game, his very honest demeanour causes him to suffer much. Ashito is met by Fukuda Tetsuya, the manager of Tokyo City Esperion’s J1 young squad. Fukuda recognises Ashito’s boundless potential and extends an invitation for him to attend the trials for his squad in Tokyo. The boy’s journey to revolutionising Japanese football quickly comes to light.

Episode 18 recap

Aoi made an effort to adjust to his new role as a defender in the previous episode. The day had finally come for him to demonstrate the benefits of his training after so many days of arduous labour and pure determination to earn his place in the starting lineup. Aoi is attempting to give his all to the squad despite his dissatisfaction with the current circumstances. He spent many hours honing his eyesight before being able to apply it in a real match. It led to a fantastic assist that gave the squad some more points and widened the distance between them and relegation.

Storyline of this episode

Since coach Fukuda would give Aoi the chance to play in the A squad if he does well in his forthcoming match, the following episode is going to be quite exciting. However, Tachibana, a close friend of Aoi, has decided not to participate in the forthcoming game because of his waning confidence, which might have an adverse effect on the squad. It should also be noted that Tachibana’s ex-team will be their opponent.

Releasing date of Ao Ashi Episode 19

One of the season’s most popular animes, Aoi Ashi’s viewers are always anticipating the release of new episodes. The next episode was slated to air on NHK Educational TV on August 13 at 6.25 PM JST. Aoi Ashi episode 19 will unfortunately be released on August 20 owing to several problems that caused the next episode to be delayed by a week. One hour following the Japanese broadcast, the episode will be made accessible on Crunchyroll for those outside of Japan. Due to its captivating characters and thrilling scenes, Ao Ashi has amassed a huge fan base. For those who are considering seeing it. For persons living in Japan, it is now running on the NHK educational TV channel.

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