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Love All Play Episode 20 : Mizushima vs. Yusa Launch Date

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Ryo Mizushima eagerly joined the badminton squad at his middle school. But he ended up wasting his abilities since he couldn’t find a suitable coach. He nevertheless made it to the prefectural tournament because of his exceptional physical strength. He now plays badminton for the top Yokohama-Minato High School squad. Will he be able to reach the top given that he is being trained by the legendary Ebihara and has access to elite teammates? In the previous episode, Mizushima’s self-doubt led him to break the law. Ebihara, on the other hand, urged him to take some time for himself and a break from his routine. He gained greater knowledge about his opponent’s capabilities thanks to it. Mizushima is developing, thus Love All Play Episode 20 will certainly see her get stronger. But because he’ll be up against Yusa, he should be more prepared. Will he have a positive impact on Yusa? Read on to learn more. Akira will assist Mizushima in honing his abilities in episode 20. He will demonstrate to Mizushima his playing style and weak aspects, which will be very beneficial. The event will soon start, and each competitor will give it their all to win the match.

What will happen in this episode?

Mizushima-Kun began Love All Play Episode 19 by putting Shiba and the twins through their paces. He appeared intent on defeating Yusa and taking home the Inter-high school championship. He could go to any lengths for this. To play against four people simultaneously, he even invited Sakaki to join them. Hana and the others observed that and were taken aback by his actions. Hana spoke with Mizushima afterward. She instructed him to treat Akira with respect because he is a fellow player. He listened to what she had to say, but his attention was elsewhere. As soon as Mizushima attempted to enter the building, his instructor Ebihara appeared and instructed him to stop practicing. Mizushima attempted to defend himself and appeared astonished. It destroyed Mizushima’s spirit. He was deep in thinking when he stumbled into Yusa’s film of previous battles. He then understood that Yusa had won every match since middle school. He spotted Yusa’s other adversary at this point and decided to approach him. In the next episode, Mizushima will emphasize his might. He is aware that Yusa is hard to beat, particularly when he is focused on winning each match. He will therefore choose to concentrate on his strengths and weaknesses rather than on Yusa. Where Akira may be of tremendous assistance. He will advise helping Mizushima receive the right instruction. Akira will concentrate on Mizushima’s badminton strokes, weaknesses, and methods.

There will be much anticipation for the inter-high school competition. The twin brothers, who eliminate their opponent in a single blow, will go first. Matsuda will take the field and compete against Okazaki. But because he doesn’t want to lose this match, Mizushima will likely feel a bit uneasy. Yusa and Mizushima will soon square off against one another, and they’ll fight hard. Who will win the match at this point is still unknown.


Releasing date of Love All Play Episode 20

The 20th episode of Love All Play will premiere on August 20, 2022, at 5.30 PM JST. It’ll be accessible through Crunchyroll. The focus of the upcoming episode will be on Mizushima’s character journey and his performance in the competition. Will he triumph over Yusa?

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