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My Angel next door spoils me rotten!! Expected release date, Plot and Everything Else here

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The Japanese light novel series The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten was created by Saekisan and Hanekoto. Six volumes of the series have been made available by SB Creative from June 2019 under their GA Bunko label, having first been published online on Shsetsuka ni Nar. The rights to publish the series in English in North America are owned by Yen Press. Since January 2022, a serialized version of a manga adaption with artwork by Wan Shibata and music by Suzu Yki has been published online at Manga UP! by Square Enix. By July 2022, all of its chapters were compiled into a single tankbon volume. In 2023, Project No. 9 will debut its adaptation of an anime television series.

What is the story all about?


Amane has respectable grades—not enough to place at the top of the class, but also nothing to be proud of—but his social life is limited to hanging out with his friend Itsuki and playing video games. He also looks unkempt and sickly due to his carelessness and poor eating habits. When he encounters Mahiru Shiina on one rainy day, his route in life is changed. Mahiru, also known as “the Angel” in the schoolyard, is the epitome of success. Her exam results are excellent, she excels in gym class, and all the school’s male students are in awe of her stunning attractiveness. Except Amane, that is.

He doesn’t view Mahiru in that manner because he understands in his mind that he has no chance of winning her over.

But when Amane sees Mahiru lying in the rain in the park alone, he gives her his umbrella to shield her from the elements. Mahiru agrees, but Amane’s kindness results in him getting a cold the following day. He struggles to return to his flat when he makes the startling revelation that Mahiru lives next door. The two teenagers, who come from wealthy households, are the only residents in adjacent apartments. Mahiru drives Amane home because he wants to repay the courtesy and the umbrella, only to discover that his house is a complete mess.

After cleaning up his flat and promising to cook him dinner every night because she has extra food, Mahiru then decides to help. They become closer as a result of these experiences, but Amane also learns Mahiru isn’t the angelic, compassionate person everyone at school believes she is.

Do Amane and Mahiru become friends?


Amane and Mahiru are both entertaining personalities when they engage with one another or with other people, but they lack a great deal of depth. There isn’t much information on Amane. We learn very little about his personality, possibly to allow the reader to ego oneself into the narrative to win Mahiru’s heart. Amane’s dislike of vivacious, outgoing people is one of the few things we learn about him, but judging by some of his supporting players, he only tends to hang out with people who share his trait. Mahiru, on the other hand, strikes me as confident in and close to perfection. She only displays vulnerability when speaking to Amane. Looking at Hanekoto’s supplementary images only makes it more perplexing. His depiction of Mahiru is incredibly more, which would be OK if the images were for a class. Outside of school, however, her persona fits the tsundere stereotype much more and is constantly nagging Amane to organize his life.

How does Volume 1 start?

The most stunning student in the entire school, Mahiru, lives right next door to Amane in her home. Before he saw her in need on a stormy day and gave her his umbrella, they had hardly ever spoken. She returns the favor by offering him assistance in the house, and as their separation narrows, a connection slowly develops.

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