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The Dangers in My Heart Anime release date, time, and many more information

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If you enjoy dark, slightly emo high school romance comedies, get ready for the newest anime adaptation. Who doesn’t enjoy high school drama, after all? Particularly when two people with quite different personalities get along well. Nario Sakurai recently announced that a TV anime adaptation of his well-known novel The Dangers in My Heart is in the works. The initial teaser image has already been made public. Read on to learn more.

The snapshot of Japanese life The Weekly Shonen Champion of Akita Shoten began serializing the Dangers in My Heart manga on March 8, 2018. The manga series began serializing on the Champion Cross manga website the next month. The manga was relocated to Manga Cross after Akita Shoten and Champion Cross consolidated their businesses. It currently includes seven volumes.

Official Announcement

Happy fans! The Dangers In My Heart is developing far more quickly than anticipated. The TV anime’s black-and-white illustration previously shared excited viewers. The second teaser image for the anime series is phase 2, which is the colored version of the first image. On August 1, 2022, an anime version of the manga series was released. Only a few weeks have passed, and already the studio has created a teaser poster.

What is it all about

Kyotaro Ichikawa, a lonesome young man, is the main subject. The boy isolates himself and thinks he is a troubled teen. He secretly fantasizes about being the tortured protagonist of some psychological thriller series. He prefers to be alone and despises being with others. He doesn’t have a single enemy or buddy. He frequently reads an encyclopedia on murder.

He then gains knowledge about human anatomy. He wants to do this to Anna Yamada, who is his favorite student. She is his main target since he dislikes her way of life. How she managed to be the most popular girl in their class baffles him. But while he watches her, he notices several odd things about her. But as she enters his life and they start to get along, he realizes that she is not who he had imagined, and they begin to get closer.

Release Date

It won’t be long before the anime returns to our screen because it is currently in progress. The production will start shortly in late 2022 because the primary visual is already available. We may anticipate that The Dangers In My Heart anime will air later in 2023 based on the period. Remain tuned.

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