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Ending of RWBY Ice Queendom Episode 4 explained!!

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Her idea to lock up the other two kids and treat them like animals because she thinks they are stupid went a little too far, so it would be interesting to examine what aspects of her personality are just inherent to her personality and that has been drilled into her.
Given that there is the greatest psychological tension among them and that Ruby is finding out about Weiss, it is a reasonable choice. This episode undoubtedly benefited from the dreamscape’s wonderful, almost fairytale-like atmosphere. The graphics give the plot and the characters’ writing some optimism.

How did the last episode end?


The last episode concluded with Weiss being impacted by the Grimm in her body, and since Ruby is the team’s commander, we already know how it works when trying to infiltrate someone else’s mind to save them. So it was a clever move to maintain the pacing quickly without making the episode feel cluttered to open with Ruby already present in the dreamscape attempting to make sense of things. Regarding the dream, it’s remarkable how much-nuanced characterization was able to be conveyed given the short amount of time that has gone and the lack of any significant events until the conclusion of the episode when Weiss confronts Ruby.

Summary of Episode 4:

The entire dream, which Weiss describes as being like something out of 1984 with her dad hovering over virtually everything, her brother personified as a snitching bat, and the shadow outlines of her laughing, inebriated mother on the walls, paints a very ominous picture of her upbringing. Given the conditions of her upbringing, it’s kind of amazing that Weiss didn’t end up worse. At first glance, her contempt for the white fang does seem reasonable considering that it has undoubtedly killed individuals and negatively affected many lives, but the paradox is that her family may be equally at fault because her father was destroying lives.

To increase the company’s cost-efficiency, he also used slave labor. Weiss’ intolerance is rendered significantly less justified by the fact that she is probably aware of his father’s transgressions on some level given that she is dreaming about it.
Weis isn’t a good person even after taking into account the fact that her twisted personality is almost certainly the result of her upbringing. Based according to what we’ve seen, she has a deeper sense of values than the rest of her family, and part of that might be attributed to the impact of her butler, who appears to be the closest thing she’s ever had to a loving family member.


It would be fascinating to see what portions of her personality are just intrinsic to her character and which have been hammered into her after the whole notion of shutting up both other students in a cage and behaving them like animals because she views them as dumb went a bit too far.

What does the episode tell about the character of Ruby?

It’s a wise decision because Ruby is learning about Weiss and there is the biggest emotional tension between them. This episode benefited from the fantastical, almost fairytale-like aesthetic of the dreamscape. The illustrations offer hope for the writing of the story and the characters.

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