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Finally release date of Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 8 is declared, Date, time and where to watch

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Because of its incredible pace, in which a new arc of the series starts just after the previous one concludes, Classroom of the Elite has received accolades for a variety of reasons. As a result of the Sports Festival being hailed as one of the most captivating arcs in the series, fans are thrilled and have great hopes for the forthcoming Second Semester Final Test arc. A few more episodes will bring about the confrontation between Kakeru Ryuuen and Kiyotaka Ayanokouji that every Classroom of the Elite fan has been yearning for. The second season of the show will have a total of 13 episodes, as noted on the official website.

When will Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 8 release?

On August 22, 2022, at 9.00 pm JST on A-TX and other pertinent channels in Japan, the eighth episode of Classroom of the Elite Season 2 will air. Netflix has began streaming both seasons of the series, but only in a few regions, despite the fact that neither season was included in its enormous catalogue. Fans may finally relax because the second episode of Classroom of the Elite is streaming on Crunchyroll in both dubbed and subtitled versions. Hulu, Roku, and Amazon Prime still do not have Classroom of the Elite available. The most recent episodes of the psychological thriller series are available on Muse Asia’s YouTube page for viewers in the Asian area.

Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Ayanokouji encountered Katsuragi, who forewarned him about Ryuuen, only moments after it was revealed that Nagumo Miyabi of Class 2-A would succeed Manabu Horikita and occupy the role of Student Council President. Later, Sato went up to Ayanokouji and spoke about her inner sentiments. The former wanted to keep a platonic friendship with him while the latter wanted to exchange numbers. After announcing the exam results, Chibashira instructed everyone to prepare for the next “Paper Shuffle” special test, in which pupils will participate in pairs. Prior to the main exam, a mini-test will be given to determine which pairs will take the test. In addition, Manabe, who had spied on Ryuuen, was revealed to be the traitor of his class. Manabe disclosed that the source of the material she released may be Ayanokouji or Yukimura. The entire class agreed to Suzune’s recommendation to earn an average in order to survive as well as outperform their opponents after she presented her test-taking approach at a class meeting. The episode’s closing minutes revealed that Karuizawa had become fond of Ayanokouji.

Plot of Season 2 Episode 8

There is no title or preview teaser for Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 8 yet. The Second Semester Final Test arc is now in progress, therefore it’s not a surprise what the tale will involve in the future. Fans can anticipate a fascinating battle between Ryuuen and Ayanokouji in which Kushida will play a significant part. Ryuuen has his sights set on Ayanokouji.

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