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Blue Lock Chapter 185: Isagi Fails to Achieve His Goal! Date of Release

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The title gives a detailed account of what will happen next in Blue Lock chapter 185. Isagi had been preparing to win the match by scoring the game-winning goal for several chapters. Kaiser and Kunigami, however, had completely distinct plans. Midway through the game, he developed the meta vision hypothesis and nailed the method, which allowed him to conjure the ideal shot. However, the upcoming chapter’s spoilers reveal that this is not at all the case. Everything you need to know about the following chapter is provided here. In the upcoming narrative, viewers will be able to understand what Kunigami and Kaiser had in mind from the start. The latter, by tying the score, grabbed control of the contest. The former, though, remained by his side the entire time.

Blue lock chapter 184 summary

Isagi kicked out the previous episode of Blue Lock Chapter 184 by blocking Nagi while employing her strongest meta vision. The aim might be established, but he was unsure about that as well. Isagi eventually advanced toward the objective after some of the greatest action-themed panels. Isagi concluded that he must consider himself a piece in a larger game. To make the decisive kick, he planted his foot on the ground and did so. But he discovered that his brain was working at a high level that he was unable to regulate. Additionally, he took the opportunity to congratulate himself on being able to take in so much data simultaneously. Isagi’s visualization of the ideal goal piece that can be produced through meta vision marked the conclusion of the chapter. But the chapter concluded before demonstrating how the ultimate objective was achieved.

What will happen in this episode?

The phrase “Rebirth” will be used to describe the following chapter of Blue Lock. The upcoming chapter will begin with Isagi stating that he doesn’t need to set someone up to be caught, according to the plot elements that have been made public. For the goal to go into the goalpost, he merely needed the proper time. Isagi’s shooting lesson, nevertheless, was over as time passed. The left goal corner was now where the ball was headed. As the game was about to end, Kunigami abruptly intercepted it and fired the winning shot. It follows that the Bastard Munchens will win 2-1 in the end. Yoichi might not have liked how things worked out for him, though. He was sincere in his desire to score and take the win. Even if the Bastard Muchens triumph, this action is certain to stoke discord among the team members in Blue Lock chapter 185.

Telecasting date of Blue Lock Chapter 185

The release isn’t anticipating any delays, and the raw scans have been released on schedule. In light of this, Blue Lock Chapter 185 will be released this week without any special breaks. August 24, 2022, is the chapter’s scheduled date of completion. Only on Kodansha’s official web pages will readers be able to read the whole manga. Finally, whenever there is a new update, we will make sure to update this area.

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