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Dandadan Chapter 68 will be released soon, released date, time and spoiler

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The Dandadan manga was written and illustrated by Yukinobu Tatsu. The plot of Dandadan centers on the lives of two high school students named Momo Ayase and Ken Takakura.

Although they are interested in distinct facets of the subject, both high school kids show a strong interest in paranormal phenomena.

For instance, Momo enjoys the paranormal activities of ghosts while Ken enjoys anything about aliens.

They argue about which supernatural event is real since they approach supernatural causes in similar yet distinct ways. This dispute results in a life-changing moment for both of them as they attempt to substantiate their points of view by traveling to the sites of each supernatural event.

This leads to both of them making a terrible mistake when they come into contact with their different supernatural occults, each of which has the potential to wipe out humanity if not handled appropriately.


Kaiju’s Wicked Strong was the title of chapter 67 of the Dandadan manga. The first scene of the chapter features Jin and Erosuke running from the Kaiju Monster.

Ryosuke started to disparage Jin as a Handsome Bastard throughout their talk, which brought on the evil eye mutation.

After learning where Momo and Okarun are, the evil eye makes an effort to locate them so that he can fight Okarun once more.

While Aira is hurt, Okarun and Momo are struggling to defeat the Kaiju Monster, but they were both able to flee

The Kaiju Monster is slowly making its way into Momo’s House as Momo and Okarun search for a solution to defeat it after fleeing and returning home.


Amid the Kaiju Monster approaching Momo’s house as Chapter 67 comes to a close, Okarun informs Momo that they may defeat the monster by using the same Nano Skins that were used to construct their home.

These Nano Skins are truly the real deal if we pay attention to the discourse that took place in the previous chapter when they attempted to build the house.

The alien explained that these Nano Skins are a form of shape memory, alloy machines that can assume the shape of whatever is thought of, during the talk.

So, Okarun will undoubtedly succeed if he decides to construct a large, strong machine that is sufficient to defeat the Kaiju Monster.

However, Okarun will have a difficult time deciding what to create because the public is expecting him, Momo, and others to create a large robot that looks like the Godzilla monster.

The character development of Evil eye will also be a major part of the plot since he has become much less antagonistic to people in recent chapters as a result of Okarun’s commitment to engage in intermittent combat with him.

The upcoming chapter of Dandadan will undoubtedly be thrilling since Okarun and other characters will engage in a dramatic conflict.


On August 8 at midnight, Chapter 68 of Dandadan will be made available (JST Zone).

Time in IST Zone: 8:30 p.m. on August 8.

Time in the EST Zone: August 8 at 11:00 A.M.

Chapter 68 of the Dandadan manga is available for reading on Viz’s official website. Through the Shonen Manga Plus app, you may read every chapter of the entire series as well.

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