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Episode 9 of My Isekai Life has Yuuji facing off against a fire dragon. Release Date

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Yuuji bravely sacrificed the blue dragons to create his potent, damage-free armor. The guild had told him that the river with the piranha monster may give him an energy boost. In My Isekai Life Episode 9, after having killed countless dragons, including the piranha monster, he will encounter a difficult predicament. How will he proceed? The following episode’s upcoming airing holds the key to the solution! As Yuuji leaves for his new assignment in this ninth episode, multiple monsters will immediately attack the city. Yuji’s spell will make matters worse because the Flame Dragon will be on display. He must now choose between eliminating the creatures and defending his city and first obtaining the treasure.

My Isekai Life Episode 9 spoiler

Geigel required a diamond from a Blue Lesser Fire Dragon to make new armor, as seen in My Isekai Life Episode 8 before. Lesser Fire dragons made their home in the volcano, but Blue was the most uncommon. In the midst of all this, Yuuji discovered that the only method to slay Blue Lesser Fire dragons was to fatally chill their bodies with the nearest river water, which included a huge piranha monster. Yuuji captured several red fire slimes en route, and they assisted him in battling the piranha. Several dragons were also vanquished, and their gems were taken. He soon found the blue dragon with the aid of his slimes, and then used ice magic to slay it.

Following his return to the guild, Yuuji received praise for taking down 202 dragons, two blue dragons, and a piranha. Geigel ultimately created armor for the slimes and Proudwolf using the diamonds, which helped to boost their speed. However, he cautioned Yuuji that if used excessively, his most potent spells may damage the armor. Using the actual Flame Dragon’s gem, which seldom emerges from the volcano and lives in its lava, was now the only option to strengthen their armor. The surviving Lesser dragons, however, were driven insane by the same cultist spell, which also caused Flame Dragon to emerge from the volcano. The next episode, “We Fought A Fire Dragon,” makes a hint that Yuuji would face another danger. Currently, Yuuji is on a new mission to get gems from a genuine Flame Dragon. He wants to strengthen his armor so he can cast his most harmful and potent spells more frequently. The 10,000 creatures that assaulted Phastan must first be defeated. Everyone feels terrified and searches for refuge to get away from the scene. Some guild members will hold Yuuji responsible for this predicament. He cast a spell that caused the dragons to break their shell and begin attacking people. Yuuji won’t be able to murder him that easily, though. More slimes are required for Yuuji to slay the dragon. He will thus make an effort to gather them as the Flame Dragon continues to assault him.

Releasing date of My Isekai Life Episode 9

Monday, August 22, 2022, at 8 p.m. JST, will see the premiere of My Isekai Life Episode 9, “We Fought A Fire Dragon.” Ani-One-Asia will have it. Yuuji’s battle to obtain a new jewel will be the main subject. He must first combat the creatures that attack their city before he can begin his journey. Will he succeed in his fight?

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