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In episode eight of My Stepmom’s Daughter Is My Ex, Yume tries to win Mizuto’s affection, released on

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Minami was assisted by Yume in allowing Higarashi to admit her affection for Mizuto. However, her plot was derailed when Mizuto admitted that he was still in love with Yume. Yume has been doing her best—and succeeding—to deny her feelings for Mizuto since the beginning. However, in episode 8 of My Stepmom’s Daughter Is My Ex, Mizuto’s revelation will rekindle Yume’s emotions for him. Is she able to handle it? I’ll see! Everything you need to know about the upcoming episode is provided here! In this eighth episode, Yume will reflect on her connection to Mizuto. She’ll remember their time together in the past. Everything has since changed, though. But she still has some unresolved emotions toward him.

Storyline and plot of this episode

Minami and Yume had previously questioned Higarashi about liking Mizuto in episode seven of My Stepmom’s Daughter Are My Ex. Higarashi was informed by Minami that Yume and she could arrange for Mizuto to meet up with her. Higarashi said that she wanted to keep her friendship with them but yet declined. Higarashi was unsure, and Yume saw this. Minami and Yume concluded that Higarashi and Mizuto weren’t interested in one other after seeing them together. Minami advised Higarashi to utilize her breasts to pique his interest. It may help entice him, in Minami’s opinion. Nevertheless, Mizuto was uninterested in them. Yume felt that altering Higarashi’s personality to attract Mizuto was improper. But despite Minami giving her a makeover, Mizuto rejected her. Minami asked Higarashi to confess after several failed efforts. Mizuto rejected her when she managed to express her feelings. Even though he thought they might make a terrific couple, he said his heart belonged to someone else. When Yume found out Mizuto still had affection for her, she was angry. Higarashi persisted in her friendship with Mizuto and came to understand how much she valued it. The realization that Mizuto still has affection for her will keep Yume up all night in this week’s episode. Even though it may disturb her mental equilibrium, she will make every effort to maintain her composure in front of Mizuto. They will converse in a tree-lined area of the school.

Although Yume will also think highly of Mizuto as a partner, the family is expanding as a result of her mother’s second marriage. It is therefore improper to reignite their past love. She will nevertheless faint from anxiousness, and Mizuto will transport her to the hospital. But he would leave her in Minami’s care rather than remain by her side. She will be concerned about Yume’s health and advise her to continue participating in sports because it is excellent for her health. Yume, however, is also troubled by something else, which she will keep to herself. Yume will begin reflecting on their past love once more the next day as she sits next to Mizuto.

Releasing date and time of My Stepmom’s Daughter Is My Ex-Episode 8

On August 24, 2022, at 9:00 PM JST, the eighth episode of My Stepmom’s Daughter Is My Ex will show. It is shown on local Japanese television networks such as MBS, BS NTV, AT-X, Tokyo MX, and BS Fuji. It is also available for streaming on Crunchyroll and the Ani-One Asia YouTube channel.

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