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Kyiv killed ‘Putin’s brain’? Daughter ally of Putin killed in a car bomb blast!

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Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin:

Born on 7th October 1952, Putin has been serving as Russia’s president since 2012, he previously served as its Prime Minister from 1999 to 2000 and again from 2008 to 2012. He was married to Lyudmila Shkrebneva in 1983 but divorced her in 2014. Putin was formerly an intelligence officer for the KGB, the Russian secret service. Recently I video went viral of Vladimir Putin which suggested that he had the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in May 2022, however, he dismissed this piece as a rumor saying that after referring to medical professionals, it was stress that caused the situation to arise in the video and watching a video alone cannot diagnose a serious disease.


It has recently been updated that Russia’s Secret service on Monday, allegedly accused the Ukrainian secret service of having a hand in the death of Darya Dugina, who is the daughter of Russia’s ultra-nationalist Alexander Dugina. Darya was killed on Saturday in the evening, and her vehicle is suspected to have held the explosive device that blew up the Land Cruiser that she was driving. However, Ukraine has denied its involvement in this incident of the passing of Darya Dugina. The Secret service claims that it was carried out by a Ukrainian woman who entered the country with her teenage daughter.

Darya was extremely vocal about her father’s ideas on national Russian television, her influence in Russia was immense and even her proximity to Putin was often questioned by the masses but regardless of the fact, she was loved and even praised by a lot of the people in Russia. Her death came as an absolute shock to everyone to the point where no comment has come from either side after death was announced for a while. Darya was an ally to Putin and her death is now being marked as the sacrifice of a ‘Martyr’ and her death of her has rocked the nation. The 29-year-old who passed away had a memorial service held for her at the hands of her father on Tuesday, who in a broken voice said that she died for Russia and she died for the people, she loved for victory and she loved for the truth.

It is extremely sad and difficult to see the grief that must have rocked Darya’s family, as a young girl the nation said that she had so much ahead of her and her potential was in bucket loads. We offer our dire condolences to Darya’s family and hope the nation recovers soon from the death of their martyred daughter.

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