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The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years Chapter 130 : Release date and Plot

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Unlike other anime, The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years isn’t a Japanese anime. It is a Korean Webtoon and it is published in an app called Kakaopage. This app has also published Solo Leveling and Beginning After the End. New chapters of The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years come out every week on Friday. It is not only released in its original language but the English versions of Manhwa are also released in the same week as the manga is quite a famous one. Chapter 130 English versions are going to be released on the same date as the originals. The English versions of the Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years are available in the Tapas. The series right now is not at its original pace as they are lacking 10 chapters already but maybe they will cover them soon. And also the series is available easily so the artist and the authors should be appreciated.



The main character of the story is Lukas Trotman. In his previous life, he was an extensively attractive man with a great physique and blue eyes. He is present as white-haired but is still attractive as he has quite long hair, till his shoulders. Lukas has a good height and weight but still is lean and looks like a skeleton. But then he transforms himself as the series continues. All free features vanished and he was back in his original form.


The main protagonist of the anime is Lucas Trotman. He is one of the greatest archmages in the world’s history but he was then sentenced by the Demigod to spend an eternity without a stable mindset. So then after 4000 years, he is finally back in his world but not in his body. He is now in the body of Frie Blake who’s a timid and lean boy and also one of the most untalented students who studies at a prestigious institution, Westroad Academy. The world for 4000 years has not developed a lot. So now Lucas is seeking for his powers to defeat the Demigod and take his revenge.


Chapter 130

It was said earlier that chapter 130 of Nice Mage Returns After 4000 Years will be released real quick this time. As it is said to be the final chapter of the manga. The last chapter brings a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity among the readers to wait for new episodes to be released. The date of chapter 130 to be released was said to be June 3, 2022, which means the chapter has been released already and you can enjoy its more episodes that may have been released by now as well.

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