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Update on Donald Trump’s investigation! Check The Latest Updates Here

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Former president, Donald Trump was being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on August 8th, 2022, for withholding classified information and top secret files in his residence Mar-a-Lago near Palm Beach. Before this Trump had filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department and even turned in 10 boxes worth of secret documents, but the federal agents suspected that there was more in the arsenal of the former president. Hence the investigation followed and more than 20 boxes were confiscated from his basement that held top secret files that legally were not allowed to leave the premises it was contained in. Most of the documents that were uncovered from Trump’s residence were as such that there were not allowed to be viewed in normal rooms, but with a guarded alliance and a secret room.


A May 10 letter was sent to attorney of Trump, Evan Corcoran by the acting US Archivist, as recently the US Natural Archives have released a statement that at least 700 pages of top secret and classier information were in the hands of Trump within his basement. The letter included a lot of intricate details about the files that were uncovered as well as the details of how Trump tried to delay this investigation by avoiding the federal agents! This search is part of the federal investigation of when Trump took many documents from the White House in January 2021 after losing his Democrat election against Joe Biden. The FBI has uncovered 11 classified ‘Top Secret’ files from Trump’s residence, which is the highest form of classified documents that the United States holds.
This is not the first time Trump has been involved with the FBI, nor will it be the last, says the citizens of the country. The people are already fed up with the headlines regarding Trump, and are not surprised that Trump was able and capable to do this, saying that this former president has no regard for the safety and security of the nation, threatening its security of it by keeping such files in his arsenal! The letter, that was sent to Trump’s attorney, mentions the way the legal team tried to avoid and delay the investigation and stall the Archives from letting the officials come to his residence.

Till now there had been no response or statements from the legal team Trump or any other federal officers.

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