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Ashley Lovelace: How She Died [UNTOLD TRUTH] Suicide? Career, Who is she? Relations, Real Reason!

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Ashley Lovelace was an American social media star who tragically passed away on 21st January 2019 after committing suicide. The Instagram page, which she had used to post inspirational quotes and smiley faces for her followers in the past few years before it all came crashing down following the death of this beautiful girl at only 27yrs old.

with over 500K followers across different platforms including TikTok where viewers could watch short videos that showed off Ashley’s personality perfectly!

Ashley Lovelace was a popular social media personality that amassed a massive following on her Instagram account (more than 400,000 followers). She was born at Abington Hospital in Abington, Pennsylvania, to Terrence Lovelace and Stacey Pak. The famous personality had four siblings, three older brothers and a sister who grew up with her in Vegas.

Ashley attended The Sierra Vista High school, believed to be in Las Vegas. Her popularity on Instagram began after she started posting pictures of herself in skimpy outfits and soon garnered the attention of many male fans. Ashley became one of the most followed Insta-models with hordes of men eagerly awaiting her next post.

However, Ashley passed away on July 23, 2018 due to injuries she sustained from a car accident. Her untimely death came as a shock to her millions of fans around the world who mourned the loss of the young star. Even though Ashley is no longer with us, her legacy continues to live on through her social media account which is still active today.

Whenever someone scrolls through their feed and comes across one of Ashley’s stunning photos, they are reminded of the beautiful life that was lost too soon.

A vibrant, charismatic girl with a knack for making friends and connecting with those around her had the rare ability to captivate thousands of online followers. Her personality proved irresistible as it pulled people in like moths drawn towards flame; some mourned while others tried desperately to figure out what pushed such an upbeat person to take their life away from us all too soon…

ashley lovelace

Ashley Lovelace: Everything you need to know about the famous Instagram personality!

In this modern era, the world is constantly growing and every day we come across interesting news and discussions. Cyber Bullying is one such thing that has become a public issue as not many are coming out to address it. Today we’ll be discussing one such person “Ashley Lovelace”, an Instagram personality who becomes a victim of cyberbullying and ended her life. Go on and read about it.

Ashley Lovelace is an Instagram influencer based in America.

Ashley Lovelace is an American-based Instagram personality. She was born on November 7, 2002, to Terrance Lovelace and Stacey Pak in Pennsylvania.

Her family moved to Las Vegas after staying for five years in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.   Her full name is Ashley Monet Lovelace. Lovelace is a mix of Black, Korean and Hawaiian which she mentioned during her Q and A session with her fans on Instagram.

All her childhood Ashley Lovelace was quite interested in singing and drawing.

Ashley Lovelace joined Instagram and started posting on 15 June 2018 when Instagram was flourishing with new users and the shift from Facebook to Instagram was trending.

Ashley Lovelace aspired to become an established model and Instagram influencer. She started posting pictures of herself and even posted pictures of brands that she uses on Instagram. She uploads brands that she uses just like any other Instagram model.

Ashley Lovelace: Instagram model, passionate singer, and influencer, How her Instagram journey start?  Read to know more!

Her Instagram was under the username Misslovelacee. Ashley conducted regular questions and answer sessions. She soon gained fame and many of her followers started asking questions about her skincare routine, she also recommends skincare and hair products she uses. Ashley Lovelace even has a Youtube page named, “Miss Lovelace” which has only one video that was uploaded two years back under the title, ” Welcome to my channel ! //Q&A”. It was a 3.49 minutes video that currently has around 1.3 million views. The link for her Youtube page is: Miss Lovelace


Besides her fashion posts, Ashley is appreciated for her singing. The sixteen-year-old had a very sweet voice and is a passionate singer. She even uploaded many singing videos on her Instagram page.

So what really happened? why the aspiring model and influencer ended her life? Go on and read to find more!

Ashley Lovelace: why she ended her life? Read below!

So, Lovelace was doing fine with her personal as well as her career life until she becomes a victim of cyberbullying. Ashley couldn’t take it anymore and decided to end her life in January 2019 (as sources on the internet suggest) During her death, she was only sixteen. This was a really tragic incident that left many of her fans in shock. We have come across many incidents and many deaths, but Ashley’s decision has thrown light on the prevailing cyberbullying that is increasing day by day on the internet which affects the mental health of many youngsters in this era.

Tyler Edmond constantly cyberbullied Ashley on her Instagram page. He even said that he bullied her because he was bored and many criticized him. He even said that she was just another girl. Besides this, many of her friends claim that her depression is also a factor that she took this decision.

Even though there is no official information as to how Ashley committed suicide, some suggest that she died by shooting herself with a gun (this is not confirmed yet).

Post Ashley’s death, many influencers, and models of Instagram spoke about cyberbullying on their pages and many even posted videos about Lovelace’s incident on Youtube.

After Ashley passed away, Her mother Stacy Pak took over her Instagram and uploads content regularly in the memory of her daughter Ashley. Ashley’s mother is working to build the Ashley Lovelace foundation.

To date, Ashley is remembered as the brave girl who aspired to become an Instagram influencer at a young age.

In an era where Cyber Bullying continues to grow in a different form, we want our readers to be aware of Cyber Bullying. Even if you are going through a difficult phase, try to talk to a friend about the issue or seek the help of a mental health counselor right away.

ashley lovelace


Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q1. Who is Ashley Lovelace?

Ashley is an Instagram fashion model and influencer. Ashley ended her life on 21 January 2019 after becoming a victim of cyberbullying.

Q2. Why did Ashley commit suicide?

Ashley becomes a victim of excessive cyberbullying on her social media handle. As it becomes worse, the sixteen-year-old ended her life in January 2019.

Q3. Where cyberbullied Ashley Lovelace?

Tyler Edmonds cyberbullied Ashley. It is said that Ashley was already going through a tough phase and Tyler Edmond made it even worse by cyberbullying Ashley.

Q4. What is Cyber Bullying?

Same as Bullying, Cyber Bullying involves passing hatred, false and negative comments targeting a particular person on the internet. This can be harmful and even makes the person go through depression which can make them take a drastic decision like suicide and self-harm.

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