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Who Is Hawkhatesyou? Tik Tok Star, Affairs, Her Real Name. 7 Interesting and Shocking Facts about her.

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Today we will be talking about Hawkhatesyou, she is a famous American LBGQT social media personality, a Tik-Tok star, and an influencer. She has millions of views on her social media accounts. She is famous for her lip-syncing videos and many viral trendy videos.

Angela, better known on the internet as @HawkHatesYou, was born on 6th July 1994, making her 26-years-old. The American TikTok star is notable on the platform for lip-synching performances, dance videos and comedic sketches. She has amassed a sizeable following on the app, with over 6 million followers and nearly 300 million likes on her videos.

Angela’s popularity has led to her being featured in several mainstream publications, including Forbes, Cosmopolitan and Teen Vogue.

Outside of TikTok, she has also appeared in a music video for the band Fall Out Boy and has modelled for the clothing brand Forever 21. With her unique blend of humour and talent, it is clear that Angela is one of the most promising stars on TikTok.

People on social media get popular through their unique abilities and talents; this content creator is also bringing her unique flavor. She is known for her gothic-inspired looks.

Keep scrolling as we will discover more about Hawkhatesyou and answer your questions.

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Hawkhatesyou Age

Hawkhatesyou was born on July 6, 1994. She is 27-year-old, as of 2021.


Hawkhatesyou height is as follows –

Height in cm – 165 cm

Height in m- 1.65 m

Height in feet –  5’5″

Hawkhatesyou Bean Real Name

There were rumors that hawkhatesyou real name is Angela. It was said that her name was accidentally revealed by someone close to her.

She also expressed her sadness about the situation and was hurt by the fact that how can anyone reveal something private when they know how hard she was trying to protect her and her daughter’s privacy.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by hawkhatesyou (@hawkhatesyou)

Maybe this was during a Livestream. Many people believed the fact that her real name is Angela. But since these were only rumors and it was not confirmed.

Many people also believed that her daughter’s name is Bean. Just like her rumors about her name, her daughter too was dragged into this. News started spreading that her daughter’s name is bean and her name is Angela. Both are not confirmed and are just only rumors.

Hawkhatesyou has never revealed her daughter’s face, age, name, and other details. She always covered her daughter with clothes and no one knows her face. Fans of hawkhatesyou have always praised her about this fact and continue to give her support and protect her little girl’s privacy.



Hawkhatesyou was born in California, United States. She has not revealed about her parents. Their names are unknown. She has one sister. Her name is Sierra Ann.

She has one daughter. She has mentioned her on her Instagram. Her daughter also support her mother and also made her appearance with her mother in the Tik-Tok videos.

She is very private about her life and rarely shares about her life.


There is not much known about her private life as she has decided to keep her personal life separate from her social media. There is no information about her educational qualification, about her parents and siblings.

Hawkhatesyou Net Worth

Hawkhatesyou is a famous social media star and she is the favorite of gothic culture lovers. She is very active on her social media accounts. Her accounts have a huge fan following.

Her tik tok has a 2.7 million fan following. Her Instagram is followed by many people. She also provides adult content for those fans who have subscriptions. Her networth is estimated to be $800k.

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Hawkhatesyou Instagram

Hawkhatesyou is a very popular social media star. She has a huge fan following on her various social media accounts. She has 522k followers on her Instagram, she has posted four hundred five posts. Her bio says –

“Video Creator

If ur nice to me, I’ll fall in love with you.

Fans love her cute, funny, and bubbly personality. She posts pictures of herself, her pics are all very adult, sensual and fans can’t get their eyes off her. She also posts pictures with her friends, girlfriends, and also with Harry Style(Photoshop:-) )

Hawkhatesyou Twitter

Her fan following is increasing day by day. She is also very active on her other social media accounts like Tik Tok, Twitter, where she has a massive fan following and due to her adult photos she has captioned her bio of her Twitter

“NSFW; please don’t follow me if you’re under 18”
She created her account on Tik-Tok in 2018, and she created her Twitter accounts in October 2019.

Hawkhatesyou Dating

Source: Instagram

She has been not revealed anything about her dating life and has been keeping it private.


Hawkhatesyou Origami Camp

Hawkhatesyou with a group of friends went to sundown town. She checked the location beforehand. The only hate crime was against a 50yr old gay man. She and her friends checked the location before shooting there, so no one told them that the people in the area are very sensitive and the town was not safe for LBGQT people.

No one informed them and after they went there, people started approaching hawkhatesyou and were uncomfortable. Hawk then privately settled the matter by giving them money. But friends of Hawk started threatening Hawk to immediately talk to those guys and put all blame on Hawk.

Hawk expressed her anger about the fact that she would have come to know the reality if someone who knew about this already had told her in advance.

Hawkhatesyou and Digitalprincxss

Hawkhatesyou in an interview was asked a question, after listening question she was really upset and went on Twitter to post her views and release her frustration of getting this kind of question from the media reports.

The media reporter was linking the OnlyFans model Hawk to a Tik Tok Marrissa Cloutier, who was arrested for neglecting his four-year-old son, by the cops.

Her neighbor called the cops as her son was roaming on the road alone. When cops arrived Marrissa was not there. She came back and when the police started asking her questions, at first she lied and deny the fact that she left her son alone but afterward she came clear.

Hawk wrote on her Twitter that how she was asked the media reporters to ask what are the effect of s*x worker as a parent, but instead, he kept asking about Marrissa. Hawk also wrote on her Twitter that she is tired and sick of her name keep getting tied with Marrissa.

She does not want to be called that kind of mother who does not take care of her children and leave them alone on their own. She takes care of her daughter and her privacy and has not revealed anything about her on her social media.

Who Is Hawkhatesyou?… All You Need To Know About this Tik Tok Star, Her Real Name. Click Here to know about know 7 Interesting and Shocking Facts about her. 


1. What is the age of Hawkhatesyou? 

Ans. 27-year-old.

2. Is hawkhatesyou married?

Ans. She has one daughter.

3. What is the net worth of hawkhatesyou?

Ans. $800K.

4. What is the zodiac sign of hawkhatesyou?

Ans. Cancer.

5. What is the name of hawkhatesyou merch?

Ans. Hickeyshamer 

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