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Release date, raw scan, and countdown information for Chapter 76 of The Elusive Samurai

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One of the most popular manga series in the world is called Elusive Samurai. On January 25, 2021, this series debuted on the market and quickly became popular. This manga series has a reputation for keeping its audience on edge and making them wait a good period before releasing a new chapter. The wait for chapter 76 to be released for readers in the market is now over thanks to this article, which covers everything from the publication date of Elusive Samurai to what to anticipate in the upcoming issue.

Spoiler and plot of this episode

Hojo Tokiyuki, a young man on the run when Ashikaga Takauji overthrows his family, is the main character of the novel, which is set during the Kenmu Restoration between the Kamakura and Muromachi eras. The young lord’s sole friends are a mysterious priest and his followers, so he must seek revenge and regain his majesty by utilizing only his extraordinary stealth and concealment skills.

Our main character, Hojo Takatoki, is an eponymous youngster on the run who lives in medieval Japan throughout the Kamakura and Muromachi eras. Takatoki’s family and friends are there when Ashikaga Takauji overthrows the Kamakura shogunate. Elusive Samurai Chapter 76 Spoiler was not yet published at the time this article was written. Three to four days before the movie’s scheduled premiere, these spoilers usually start appearing online. This means that we expect this week to be accessible on September 1st, 2022. d prestige is mercilessly taken away from him, and he is compelled to venture to the most remote regions of the globe to survive and get revenge!

Release date and where you can watch this episode?

It won’t take long to get to The Elusive Samurai chapter 76. The Elusive Samurai Chapter 76 will be released on September 4, 2022, at midnight according to Japanese time, which equates to 11 PM in the United States, 4 AM in the United Kingdom, and 8:30 AM in India. Fans may breathe a sigh of relief knowing that this publication date will be convenient for them. Since these websites are unauthorized, none of them can be relied upon to be free of trackers and viruses. However, since mangas have recently gained a lot of popularity, it isn’t too difficult to locate an official Website to read the manga series.

A skillful manga series, The Elusive Samurai draws readers in and holds them as it goes along, engrossing them more and more. Even if this comic series has the potential to lead the manga renaissance, there isn’t much information available about what will happen in chapter 70, which is a funny truth. Nevertheless, based on the preceding chapter, we may anticipate that the entire series will explore more heinous exorcisms. We can expect to witness more exorcisms since the last chapter shared the exorcism concept with us and provided a brief overview of how it is carried out.


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