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Staff for the upcoming 2023 anime Chained Soldier revealed

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A Japanese manga series by Takahiro and Yohei Takemura is titled Chained Soldier, also known as Mato Seihei no Slave. Since January 2019, it has been serialized on Shueisha’s online platform, Shnen Jump+. Seven Arcs’ adaptation of an anime television series is scheduled to debut in 2023. Yhei Takemura and Takahiro’s Chained Soldier (Mato Seihei no Slave, or literally Slave of the Magic Capital’s Elite Troops) manga’s television anime adaptation’s official website unveiled the cast, character designs, and 2023 debut date on Saturday. An announcement of an upcoming anime was sent to readers of the fantasy/ecchi manga Mato Seihei no Slave, also known as Mabotai or Chained Soldier. The manga is currently without a specific publication date, but given that English readers will be able to purchase it in paperback this summer, an anime may also make its appearance at the same time.

The plot of Chained Soldier

Monsters known as Shuuki start assaulting people on Earth when Mato-related gates start opening throughout Japan. A “Peach,” a resource found inside these portals, grants superhuman abilities when ingested, but exclusively to women, creating a matriarchal society. One day, Kyouka Uzen, the leader of the 7th squad of the Demon Defense Force, is standing outside a gate when Yuuki Wakura, a recent high school graduate, falls inside. Kyouka can “enslave” Shuuki and use them as mounts, but when she finds herself surrounded by an increasing number of them, she asks Yuuki whether she can also “enslave” him. When he agrees, she makes him her “slave,” and together, they vanquish the Shuuki. She learns, however, that in return for exploiting his body, she must offer him a suitable reward, which is frequently sexual. While battling the Shuuki and learning the truth about Mato, Yuuki chooses to become a member of Kyouka’s squad and assist Kyouka’s goal of becoming the Supreme Commander.

A demonic portal in the universe has let out creatures known as Shki, and this is where the fight fantasy is place. Only women can get the extraordinary abilities that can be bestowed by a certain peach tree. Yki Wakura, a young man who is struggling in life, meets Uzen Kyka, the captain of the 7th Anti-Demon Squad and a woman who has absorbed the peach’s power, at the start of the novel. On Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ manga website, Takahiro and Takemura published the first chapter of the manga in January 2019. On May 2 and September 2, respectively, Shueisha released the 10th and 11th volumes of the manga’s compilation book. The Akame ga KILL! manga by Takahiro and Tetsuya Tashiro came to an end in December 2017. In Square Enix’s Monthly Gangan Joker magazine, the manga made its debut in 2010. Launched in 2013, Akame ga KILL! ZERO was a prequel manga that ran until its tenth volume. In June 2017, Takahiro and strelka released the manga Hinowa ga CRUSH! All three books are available in English through Yen Press.

What is the premise of Mato Seihei no Slave?

The world is radically divided along gender lines in the year 2020. While males are coerced into serving others, women are offered greater chances and better services. Yuuki Wakura, who feels helpless in society, can’t help but wonder whether there is more to life than what is expected and whether there is a better path than the one she now lives. Yuuki finds himself imprisoned in Mato, another universe, as strange mist blankets the streets of Tokyo. A doorway to Mato had previously been unlocked, allowing explorers to find a strange fruit that granted women extraordinary talents exclusively. As Mato is home to a variety of dangerous monsters, Yuuki is instantly terrified.


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