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The storyline, raw scan, color page, and release date for Black Clover Chapter 336 are all provided.

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One of the most popular Japanese manga series, Black Clover, made its debut on February 16, 2015. This collection gained such much praise after only a few Chapters were published that it has now been expanded with a new Chapter. The bulk of fans has been eagerly awaiting the publication date, hour, and summary of Black Clover Chapter 336. The latest recent details on Black Clover Chapter 336 have been added to this page.

Asta did not succeed in defending Sister Lily in his first encounter with Lucius, and he experienced loss. Noelle attempted to step in and assaulted Sister Lily, but it was unsuccessful. She is horrified beyond comprehension and in disbelief. The good news is that additional captains have now come in addition to Yami and William. Spoilers for Black Clover chapter 336 would go into greater detail on what Lucius meant by his “7 days before judgment” ploy.

Black Clover Chapter 336 spoiler

There aren’t any Chapter 336 spoilers for Black Clover yet. Nevertheless, we’ll make sure to update them as soon as we can. I briefly considered why Lucius might need to run, but now I understand that perhaps I had overestimated his power. Nothing thus far indicates that he is any stronger than Lucifero was, especially because he didn’t pursue Lucifero until Asta and the others had eliminated half of him and Lucius had obtained that heart. Therefore, it is not a huge stretch to assume that he still lacks the menace that Lucifero displayed. That is consistent with what we saw in the last chapter, where Asta only had a slight struggle against him. All things considered, it would make sense why he’s being so careful given that, despite their difficulties in combating Lucifero, both the Captains as a whole and Yami and Nacht were able to prevail. It follows that they might likely use Lucius in the same way. We do not yet aware of any natural opposition to time magic, even though it appears to be overpowered. Moreover, we saw that a devil’s power could be survived or countered with sufficient magical might and that a different devil user could do the same. In essence, based on the events of the last arc, the Captains should continue to be a significant threat to Lucius despite the use of time magic, necessitating the creation of new friends on his part.

Small recap of the previous episode

Asta was confusedly staring at Julius in his new insignia as the chapter began, picking up precisely where the previous section left off. He quickly realizes that the man still in front of him is not Julius but Lucius. In the middle of that, Lucius reveals his true plans for the entire globe. Lucius took control of all the demons in the above and below worlds. He explains that his goal is to help humanity reach higher levels and become impervious to the power of demons. The main foe of the previous curve ensured that the new species would be labeled “The Paladins.”

Release date of this episode

Black Clover, the second installment of Yuki Tabata’s Weekly Shonen Jump, was authored by the author. As of January 2022, 31 volumes had been published since the first one was published in 2015. In 2019, Tabata published this manga’s English translation. The schedules for the weekly chapter releases vary significantly throughout the world. The Black Clover Chapter 336 is scheduled to be released on September 4th, with the raw scans becoming available a few days earlier.


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