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The true U.A. traitor has Twitter in shock, according to My Hero Academia Chapter 336

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Today’s My Hero Academia Chapter 336 leaks revealed a surprising revelation that was hinted at in the last pages of Chapter 335. Who the actual U.A. traitor it is now without a shadow of a doubt. Twitter completely burst in shock as a response once this traitor was unquestionably exposed. Traitor fans and non-traitor fans alike are complimenting the show and Horikoshi’s handling of this subplot. Superheroes are the subject of the Japanese manga series My Hero Academia. After taking a break, My Hero Academia is back this week, and fans are anxious to find out if chapter 366 will be released on schedule after chapter 365’s unauthorized translations became public.

The manga series by Kohei Horikoshi is about to come to an end. Every one-piece fan is eager to watch how Izuku Midoriya and the other heroes deal with Shigaraki and All for One in light of the author’s declaration that My Hero Academia would likely end next year. The studio has grown, and from there they can view the U.A. High barrier. Upon arriving at the studio, Deku proudly displays his damaged gauntlet to everyone.


Interesting facts about this episode

Using the right instruction and self-motivation, this comic shows how a regular boy may become amazing. We all have aspirations that guide us in daily life. It could be difficult to accomplish some of them. But if we had the right training and the right amount of self-motivation, we could do anything. Working arduously and sincerely is the key to success. In this comic, the supervillains resemble the challenges we face in life. To solve those issues without becoming discouraged, we must devise a strategy. With consistent effort and desire, one ordinary person may become amazing, as this comic illustrates. The artwork in this manga is flawless, especially given how intense the battle scenes are. Surprising revelations and tension are present.

Around 80% of mankind now exhibits abilities ranging from element manipulation to shapeshifting, signaling the gradual expansion of “quirks,” or recently found superpowers. The remainder of the planet, including Izuku Midoriya, is as a result rendered powerless. Since he was a little child, the young middle school student has desired to be a hero. Izuku, because of his unfair destiny, always admires and makes notes on heroes. Izuku’s tenacity appears to have paid off, though, as he encounters All Might, the world’s greatest hero and his hero. All Might has selected Izuku to be his successor since his talent is unique and can be passed down through generations. Izuku joins UA High after months of tough training. A well-known high school is known for its excellent hero training program, and this year’s freshmen show particular promise. Due to his eccentric but talented classmates and the escalating threat posed by a sinister organization, Izuku will quickly learn what it takes to be a hero.

Releasing date of Boku No: My Hero Academia Chapter 366

Before My Hero Academia Chapter 336, the situation was ostensibly resolved by portraying Toru Hagakure as the U.A. traitor. Although there were rumors that she wasn’t the genuine traitor, we can now say with certainty that Hagakure is innocent. Confirmed as the U.A. traitor is Yuga Aoyama. The revelation that Hagakure was spying on the alleged traitor startled viewers in My Hero Academia Chapter 336. When Hagakure overhears three persons conversing, he steals a peek, and together with the readers, he learns that Yuga Aoyama and his parents are U.A. traitors.

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