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Bell’s Next Mission: DanMachi Season 4 Episode 6! released on

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Lilly is happy to hear of Bell’s success, but she won’t be able to enjoy it for long. The information she will hear about Bell in DanMachi Season 4 Episode 6 will disturb her. To keep Bell away from other females, Lilly will also take care of the foreign situation. But will she be successful in her endeavors? The fifth anniversary of the episode’s favorite characters will be the main topic. It’s time for a big celebration since Danmemo and Fianna have been together for five years. Prepare accordingly. To learn more, continue reading. As Bell ultimately kills Moss Huge in the sixth episode, everyone will be in a joyful mood. But the duration of their jubilation will be brief. Regarding Lilly, she will become envious if she sees Bell with someone. She’s so insecure that she’ll certainly start a quarrel with Bell.

Releasing date of DanMachi Season 4 Episode 6

On August 25, 2022, at 1.05 a.m. JST, the sixth episode of DanMachi Season 4, titled “Rabbit Foot,” will show. It will be accessible through Bilibili. The focus of the subsequent episode will be on Bell and Lilly’s story arc and how they will handle the recent developments. Every Saturday at 1:05 AM JST in Japan, the animation is shown. The new Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon Season 4 Episode 6 will thus air on August 27, 2022. This month’s episodes will conclude with this one. The dates vary slightly throughout the world. You see, August 26, 2022, is the currently scheduled date for the release in other countries. It is a small matter of time, which the authorities will resolve quickly.

Plot and storyline of this episode

Bell and his friends were given more strength and motivation to confront the monster horde in DanMachi Season 4 Episode 5’s Haruhime’s spell. They quickly discovered, though, that Moss Huge wanted to take the magic stones from the bodies of the enemies they had killed. They were more powerful as a result. But to aid in the escape from Lilliluka, the other explorers chose to give their lives. But she rebuffed him. Bell resolved to take on the Moss Huge by himself after knowing about him. He adapted his just-acquired strength, which he had acquired from the lower floors. Later, Bell combined the spells Hestia Knife, Firebolt, and Argonaut to form the potent maneuver Argo Vesta, which he used to destroy the Moss Huge. Bell was congratulated by Marie for his assistance, and their friends later joined them in a victory celebration. “Rabbit’s Foot,” the next episode, will center on Lilly’s enmity. After successfully eliminating Moss Huge, everyone will be busy celebrating their success. However, the murder will put an end to their party. Everyone will make an effort to identify and assassinate the intruder at their location. Bell and Lilly won’t change in the while. Despite being an adult and mature, she will continue to spy on Bell-sama because of the attention he draws. Bell-sama will make an effort to assist others and solve the murder mystery. However, a lot of ladies will be moved by his bravery and manner, which will enrage Lilly.

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