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Chapter 119 of Nano Machine: Is Vice Lord Dead? released on this date

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Kyung, being cunning, decided to trick the ninja into learning about the demon sword. He gave that ninja a lot of consideration and was quite interested in finding out more about their clan and its tactics. But Elder Yin ruined his scheme by remaining obedient to her lord. In Nano Machine Chapter 119, the vice lord will discover he is too frail to defeat a ninja, though. This is because the ninja’s sword methods are entirely distinct from what they had learned from Yin Moha. Will the vice lord ever discover who the ninja is? For additional information, continue reading. The ninja will utilize the air sword to thwart the vice lord in chapter 119. He’ll turn his back on the vice lord amid a hail of blood and seize the chance to go. Kyung and Yin the elder will battle in the meanwhile. The vice lord and Yin will receive assistance soon from someone. To find out where the ninja is, they will question Kyung afterward.

The plot of this Nano Machine Chapter 119

The second council elder of the cult and the commander of the sword clan, Kyung Bon Gi, previously paid a visit to the ninja in Nano Machine Chapter 118. That man must be the great high lord, in his opinion, since he was able to join the cult so simply. He wanted to learn from him how to wield a sword like a demon. The ninja noticed Vice Lord’s presence there, though, and interrupted him. It didn’t take Kyung long to figure out who the responsible party was—elder Yin. Before calling the vice lord, she inquired as to the identity of this ninja. While Kyung was left alone to confront Yin, the ninja fled the scene. Kyung was shocked to find out that Yin was stronger than he had anticipated, though. He was taken aback to discover that the ninja was quicker and was unable to catch up with him. The vice lord thus employed his night vision setting to determine the direction the ninja was traveling. After following his route, the vice lord leaped over the cliff and struck the ninja. He ended up breaking some bones and doing damage to his muscles. However, the vice lord repaired his body using the emergency self-healing mode. The vice lord was once more assailed by the ninja, who appeared amazed by his abilities. But he evaded such assaults. The air sword did, however, strike the vice lord with a severe blow.

The vice lord encounters a difficult circumstance in the subsequent chapter. He is aware that he is powerless against the ninja’s abilities. The vice lord thinks the ninja is a super master-level fighter. But he was interested in finding out who he was. The ninja keeps attacking him despite his obvious goal. To combat the vice lord, he will make the heavenly god sword and fourth demon sword. The vice lord is made to ponder the fact that this person’s formation is entirely dissimilar from Yin Moha’s recreation. Elder Yin will vanquish Kyung while holding him as a captive. Elder Yin will request their deputies to transport Kyung to the dungeon. When we return to the vice lord, he will be on the ground attempting to recover after this struggle has harmed his organs. But the ninja will take advantage of this chance to flee. The vice lord will be taken to the hospital by some aid when they come shortly. Now, only Kyung can aid them with discovering the solution. However, allowing him to speak will not be simple.

Releasing date of this chapter

On August 25, 2022, Nano Machine Chapter 119 will be published. It will be accessible on the official Kakao, Webtoon, and Naver pages. The demise of the vice lord will be the subject of the following chapter. When he discovers his flaws, he’ll think they need more expertise to outwit the ninja.

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