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One Piece Chapter 1058-Release information, where to view

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With the imminent publication of One-Piece Chapter 1058, the Straw Hats’ adventure’s concluding epic will shortly begin. The Land of Wano has already been left behind, and Luffy and his pals are now traveling to the last island, Laugh Tale. The last chapter, which gave readers an emotional wrap-up of the Wano arc, concentrated on Momo’s interactions with the Straw Hat team. The beginning of a brand-new adventure, one that will probably try the resolve of our heroes, will be the subject of this week’s chapter, which is scheduled to be published on Monday, August 28th, 2022.

Releasing date and time of this episode

This coming Monday, August 28th, 2022, is the scheduled publication date for One Piece Chapter 1058, as was previously mentioned. Around one in the morning JST, the chapter will be made available to everyone simultaneously. The times that the chapter will be released, based on the time zone you are in, are shown in the table below. One Piece Chapter 1058 will soon be published on websites like Manga Plus and Shonen Jump + for readers who can’t wait for Luffy’s new journey to start. The entire book may be found on these same sites if you wish to read about how Luffy’s adventure began.

Small recap of the previous episode

Momonosuke, Yamato, and Kin’emon flew above the Land of Wano to open the chapter. Informing their buddies that they wouldn’t be joining Luffy and his team just yet was Yamato. Momonosuke became envious because Yamato and his crew had the chance to speak with Luffy before they began to prepare their ship for their upcoming adventure. In an attempt to confront Luffy, the new Shogun became enraged and started racing towards the Thousand Sunny. Momonosuke began to reflect on the exploits he had shared with Luffy and the others as he raced. After some time spent sprinting, Momonosuke arrived at his goal, weeping as he threw Luffy to the ground. Despite his requests for them to stay, the kid was disappointed that his pals were departing. Despite telling him they couldn’t remain, Luffy offered him a Straw Hat flag that Momo could fly over the nation. Yamato, Kin’emon, and Momo were assured by Luffy that if they decided to become pirates, they would always have a place on his ship. Momonosuke went back to his castle as the chapter came to a close with Luffy, Law, and Kid challenging each other to jump from the waterfall that encircles the Land of Wano.

What audience can expect from this episode?

As previously mentioned, Luffy and his pals’ new phase will start with One Piece Chapter 1058. With this being the final story before bidding our beloved characters farewell, the series’ conclusion is quickly coming.

The chapter’s teaser, which features Luffy’s famous Gear V and a dire warning about the status of the world, is the only significant information that has been released thus far. Considering the future of the story, this new chapter will probably include crucial information. Fans’ understanding of the One Piece Chapter 1058 story will grow as additional leaks and spoilers are made public. We must be ready to bid our heroes farewell when the time comes, that much is clear.

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