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Spoiler, Raw Scan, and Release Date for Kaguya Sama Love Is War Chapter 278

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The plot of Kaguya and her supporters will be significantly altered in Kaguya Sama: Love Is War Chapter 278. Following Unyo’s intervention, Kaguya will go to any lengths to get and protect her father’s will from her brother. The publication of Kaguya Sama Chapter 278 is imminent. The release date for Kaguya Sama Chapter 278 has been revealed. Kaguya-sama chapter 278: Love is War brought him one step nearer to a joyful conclusion. Here is the complete text of Love Is War chapter 278 together with release information and other data for your understanding, Kaguya-Sama.

Love is war, according to Kaguya. “Love Is War.” the Japanese manga series “Kaguya wants to make them confess: the Geniuses’ War of Hearts and Minds” by Aka Akasaka. It debuted in Shueisha’s Miracle Jump manga magazine in May 2015, and in March 2016, it moved to Weekly Young Jump. Viz Media has an English language North American license for manga.

Audience’s prediction from this episode

Kei’s interactions with her parents are ambivalent, even though none of them and she are not openly at odds. While her mother, who has abandoned the family, wants Kei to relocate to Shanghai with her without recognizing what her daughter genuinely needs, Kei does not always feel appreciated because Papa Shirogane misses Miyuki (and his cuisine!). This is the last part of Kei’s narrative, and while it didn’t resolve anything—Kei will probably still be a rebellious adolescent for a while—her increased knowledge of interpersonal interactions and her plight is rather encouraging.

A quick recap of the previous episode

Ai is told by Kaguya that Miyuki plans to enroll at Stanford, and the two of them talk about how Ai can confess to Miyuki at the festival’s nighttime activities. Yu thinks Tsubame is referring to staring at flowers when she tells her to pick a moment when she will answer. He subsequently realizes he could have told her anything by accident. A note announcing that Arsene Lupin will be attending the festival and that the “dragon’s jewel” from one of the important decorations has vanished emerges after Kaguya starts the bonfire. Chika keeps looking for more clues, and Kaguya informs Ai that she thinks Miyuki orchestrated this, even sending Chika on a pointless scavenger expedition. He is found by Kaguya atop the clock tower. When Miyuki releases and bursts a weather balloon, distributing heart-shaped balloons over the neighborhood, she surprises her by learning what she was going to tell her. To attend Stanford with him, he extends an invitation. She responds that he ought to offer her a prize for finding him and kisses him while holding one of the balloons. Kaguya dropped a pendant in the shape of a heart, which Yu finds and sends to Miko to record as lost and found. Ai is informed by Kaguya that she kissed Miyuki, but when she explains that it was a french kiss, Ai expresses concern that it may have turned into sexual intercourse. At the student council meeting, Kaguya makes an appearance in her chibi form.

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