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When will Ayumu make his move episode 8 Date of Release, Story, and Cast Updates

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When Will Ayumu Make His Move? In season 7 episode 7 Ayumu and Urushi learned that they will be taking the same course together this semester.

They came across Ayumu’s former teammate while seeking new members for the club. She challenged him to a match to get him to join the kendo.

When Rin agreed to join the shogi club as part of the bet, Urushi was thrilled to learn of his success.


As the two of them realized that they both desired to remain in the shogi club and play shogi together, the friendship between Ayumu and Urushi got deeper.

We shall watch Rin Kagawa playing shogi with Urushi and Ayumu in episode 8 of “When Will Ayumu Make His Move?”. It would be interesting to see how Ayumu tries to flirt with Urushi while Rin is in the club.

Thankfully, Rin might be able to reunite Ayumu and Urushi.


On Thursday, August 25, 2022, the anime When Will Ayumu Make His Move? published episode 8.


On the first day of the new academic year, the episode starts. To find out where Ayumu and Urushi will be this year, Takeru and Sakurako bring them to the classroom.

Urushi is happy to have Ayumu in the same classroom as her because Takeru and Sakurako will be there.

Later, Miku and Hinano, two of Maki’s pals, are introduced to Urushi. The following day, Urushi and Ayumu make flyers to attract people to their club.

The focus of the plot moves to Ayumu’s flashback memories. When he first joined the group a year ago, Ayumu can remember. As they traveled to the kendo club, Takeru spoke to him about the experience of love. As a flyer suddenly flew in his direction, Urushi apologized, making him fall in love with her right away.

A woman by the name of Rin Kagawa brings Ayumu and Takeru back to the present to reintegrate them both into the kendo club. Ayumu consents to a match in which, should he defeat Rin, she will join the shogi club and he will join the kendo club.

As they part, Urushi thinks back on everything they have been through and acknowledges that Ayumu won’t be there to support her even if she starts her club. She rushes to the game as a result, where she is happy to learn that Ayumu won.

After losing, Rin agrees to join the shogi club. The episode concludes at this point.


When Will Ayumu Make His Move? is a manga series created by Sicher Yamamoto. Since March 2019, it has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shnen Magazine. Silver Link will adapt it into an anime series, which will debut in July 2022.

Ayumu’s romantic love tale with Urushi, his senior and crush, is told in this song. After defeating her in a game of shogi, Ayumu commits himself that he will confess to Urushi, but it turns out that Urushi is the president of the shogi club.

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