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After A Delay, Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 Will Now Be Released.

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Denji, our messed-up superhero who rescued Mitaka and Yuko from the Bat Devil, was finally introduced in the previous chapter of Chainsaw Man. Following that, we also saw Denji and the Cockroach Devil engage in a brief but breathtaking battle. The public is now anticipating his first encounter with the War Devil, but they will have to wait another week to witness it.

The weekly release plan for Chainsaw Man was confirmed by Tatsuki Fujimoto. However, following two straight vacations, readers are unsure if the manga will resume its bimonthly publication schedule. Since the mangaka hasn’t made any such announcement, it’s reasonable to believe that Part 2 will resume its weekly publication schedule. However, there will inevitably be brief breaks to allow Fujimoto to unwind.

You won’t be able to read Chapter 103 on August 23rd since Chainsaw Man is once again taking a break this week. The next episode of the manga will be available on Viz Media and Manga Plus at 8 AM PT on Tuesday, August 30. (Pacific Timing). Don’t anticipate any spoilers prior to the upcoming chapter’s official publication because Chainsaw Man only receives a digital release.

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 103 Delayed; New Release Date And All Other Details Are Here

In fact, the neighborhood is eager to see more of Denji in Chapter 103. Everyone is most interested in watching the War Devil’s response to the coming of Chainsaw Man, his greatest foe. Ironically, Chainsaw Man protected Asa Mitaka from the War Devil, who is after him because he wants to murder him.

Additionally, we learned more about Mitaka’s past in the chapter from last week. Asa lost her mother as a result of a devil attack, hence she resisted agreeing to commit murder at the devil’s whim. Instead, she nearly wastes her second chance at life in an effort to save her one and only buddy. Fortunately, Chainsaw Man rescued her life at the last second while disregarding any collateral damage while battling the Cockroach Devil.

Denji didn’t even consider rescuing further civilians from the Devil, but Mitaka and Yuko managed to benefit unintentionally. Additionally, it would be intriguing to see both characters interact with Chainsaw Man in the upcoming chapter because they both regard him as a hero (the “Savior of Cats”).

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