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Black Clover Chapter 334 is released. Details inside.

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About the Black Clover series

Black Clover, also known as Burakku Kurb, is a Japanese manga series written by Yuki Tabata. The story is about a young boy named Asta, who was born without any magical power. Our hero, raised in an orphanage, plans to become the next Wizard King. Yono, his fellow orphan, was born as a prodigy, with immense magical power. Both of them are motivated by a desire to become the next Wizard King, which develops into a friendly rivalry. Their desires lead to many upcoming events in the series.

Since February 2015, this series has been serialized in Shueisha’s shnen manga magazine, Weekly Shonen Jump.

What has happened till now?

Black clover cover

Julius and Lucius are two souls within one body. It seems to the audience that the two are ensconced in Lucius’s body, and Lucius is the main host. They were “exceptional beings,” existing as two different souls in one body. They bound a Supreme Devil with Time Magic, Astaroth, to themselves to learn the truth. They learned who they were and what they were meant to accomplish.

After being transformed into some sort of angelic demon, it seems that Sister Lily has now become a casualty of war. In Black Clover Chapter 334, Zogratis himself makes his first offensive moves in his crusade against Asta. He begins by turning Sister Lily into some kind of angelic demon or devil. Then a slash followed across Asta’s chest, which debilitated him enough to send him careening down to the streets of the Clover Kingdom capital. Asta’s anti-magic abilities were seemingly invalidated immediately when Lucius began getting serious about their fight. It might mean that the young Magic Knight has no means of fighting back against Julius’ other half.

Lucius himself admits that his soul magic doesn’t work on Asta. It seems that, even when touching the young boy, the enigmatic individual cannot use his magic. The two types of magic are at direct odds with one another, which doesn’t allow them to use their abilities to their full potential. Fans have often assumed that Asta’s anti-magic made him the strongest in the series. There are no matchups to worry about in terms of magic attributes.

Lucius’s soul magic can also not work on Asta, even when he’s touching the boy. It is somehow difficult for fans to identify who is the stronger of the two. Considering Lucius’ soul magic, time magic, and Julius’ natural attributes are at his disposal, he likely gets the edge here.

The last chapter made the fans curious about the upcoming events in the latest chapter. They are curious to know what will happen in the upcoming episode. The fights are getting more thrilling with every new chapter.

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