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FFF-Class Trashero Chapter 129. Details inside.

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Kang Han Soo, the main protagonist of the web novel, and manhwa, FFF-Class Trashero is a normal Korean students on Earth. He was summoned against his will to the world of Fantasy. And later he became one of the “chosen heroes” and a student of Fantasia Academy

About the series

Han Soo is a young man of medium to tall height, with a slim but muscular build and clear skin. Each time Han Soo appears, it’s like when he was first summoned in his school uniform. He becomes taller than before, with an extremely muscular build, and bears the scars left by four of the five disasters after he killed them.

He is reborn as a baby in Fantasia, after returning to Earth and dying in battle against the Elf Hero. He develops a completely new appearance. He now has a more handsome appearance and the characteristic traits of the northern men of Fantasia. He wore majestic outfits by his status. He restored some of his original physical traits, merging them with the new genes obtained from his royal heritage by using Master Mollang’s teaching. He used them to grow faster while empowering his body. He decides to proceed with the pacification of the Central Continent, and to do so, he makes his body grow to that of a fifteen-year-old.

Chapter 129 of FFF-Class Trashero will be released on August 18, 2022. The series is available on Webtoon, Naver, and Kakao’s official pages.

Quick Recap


In FFF-Class Trashero Chapter 128, Kang and the elf master attacked each other. They attack each other with their swords. Kang mocked Nucleon’s moves, calling him a coward. Nucleon revealed that everything was pre-planned, and he was just preparing himself for the fight. Nucleon was observing Kang’s every move, and after finding the right time, he stabbed him, leaving him covered in blood. But Nucleon was shocked to see the wounds healing so quickly.

In the middle of the fight, Kang called out to Boris. She punched Nucleon, making him unconsciously lie on the ground. She said that he was her teacher and she couldn’t kill him. Soon, Golem arrived to help Nucleon. Kang tells Boris to deal with the Golem while he moves toward Nucleon. Nucleon has also launched an attack.

Predictions for the next episode

In the next chapter, Nucleon and his golem might charge an attack together. They might use their sword to kill the Demon King. But before they attack, Kang will kill himself first by using his sword to stab his heart. They will be surprised by the sight. Everything will go as per Kang’s plan. He gives his blood to revive the sword. Kang’s sword will be more powerful than before. He will focus on the golem. Kang will use his sword to attack her. He may use his demonic powers to cast a spell around her that will help him to control her mind. Meanwhile, Nucleon will hit him again. But Kang will survive that attack. He wants some answers, so he will start interrogating Nucleon and his golem.

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