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Here is everything you need to know about Return of The Mount Hua Sect Chapter 73.

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The recently released Manhwa Return Of The Mount Hua Sect is receiving a lot of popularity worldwide due to its unique art style and story. It has successfully gained anime fans’ attention.

The release date of the upcoming episode

Fans are eagerly waiting for the Return Of Mount Hwa Sect Chapter 73. Unfortunately, the chapter got delayed plenty of times. The author hadn’t revealed any updates about the release date yet. But, we can expect chapter 73 to be released on August 18th, 2022.

On the list provided below, you can check the different zones and release times of the chapter.

Pacific Daylight Time: 9.00 AM

Central Daylight Time: 11.00 AM

Eastern Daylight Time: noon

5.00 PM (British Summer Time)

Indian Standard Time: 9.30 PM

Singapore Standard Time: noon.

Midnight in the Philippines Standard Time

Australia Time: 2 a.m. BEST

Predictions for Chapter 73


In the 73rd chapter, Wi Sohaeng will finally gets to see Chung. He may wonder whether Chung can solve their problem or not. Chung will soon change his perspective. Later, the leader might ask Chung to help his group, and he will have to leave the Mount Hwa Sect. It will be thrilling for fans to see how Chung deals with the matter. Will Chung be of any help to him?

Un Gum will allow Chung Myung to leave the Mount Haw Sect to experience the world’s harsh reality. Un Gum believes that it will help him improve his skills. It will also help him to explore the world. So, Un Gum will successfully convince everyone to let Sohaeng take their excellent students with him. At first, they will remain dumbfounded that a little boy has defeated the Southern Edge sect. But Chung will soon show him his martial art skills to prove himself. As Un Gum ordered, Chung will go with Sohaeng, and his father will tell him the entire story. After hearing this, Chung will decide to leave for Nanyang to fight with the Wudang Sect. But Wudang’s leader will be dangerous. And he will be determined to defeat and destroy Chung. Chung will be overconfident, and his overconfidence might cause a problem for him.

Here is a quick recap of the previous chapter.

The 72nd chapter begins with Chung trying to meditate but having conflicting thoughts. He started doubting the second-class members. However, he trained them very well. He also knew they would leave the place to open more Mount Hua Sect in Jianghu, but he couldn’t rest until they finally learned to create plum blossoms. Chung assured himself by saying that one day they could make the perfect plum blossom and started training himself somewhere in the forest. Later, a guest arrived at the Mount Hua Sect. The guard didn’t allow him to enter. But the guest insisted on letting him in because he was there for some urgent work. He finally got a chance to speak to the leader after his continuous plea.

It was revealed that he was Wi Sohaeng and belonged to the Hua Shadow Sect, the Mount Hua Sect’s affiliated group. He wanted to take Chung with him, as the Hua Shadow Sect was in big trouble. He said it has become tough to stay in Nanyang since Wudang Sect opened. They defeated the people brutally.  Sohaeng revealed that Wudang Sect’s members were also planning to hurt their members. So, his father told him to bring Chung so he could help them.

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