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Is Tomodachi Game Season 2 on the way?

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There is no official announcement about the new season of the Tomodachi Game. There will probably be an announcement soon for season 2. Fans assume that Tomodachi Game might be published in 2023. We will update our website if there are any new updates. The anime series has drawn fans’ attention from around the world. It began to go viral after a few episodes among anime fans. Since then, its popularity continued to grow throughout the season. Seeing the growing popularity, the studio will indeed return with Tomodachi Game Season 2. The show’s worldwide popularity has increased viewership.

The Plot of the Tomodachi Game


Tomodachi Game or Tomodachi Gēmu is a Japanese manga series.

The series is conceptualized by Mikoto Yamaguchi and written and illustrated by Yuki Sato. Since December 2013, it has been serialized in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shnen Magazine. In 2017, a television drama adaptation and two live-action films premiered with the same concept. An anime television series adaptation by Okuruto Noboru also aired in Japan from April to June 2022.

The protagonist, Yuuichi Katagiri, has always had to deal with financial difficulties. But he is happy because of the support he receives from his close friends. He promised to go on the school excursion with them, so he saved up some money to make it happen. Shiho Sawaragi and Makoto, in charge of collecting the payments, are suspected after the collected money goes missing. Shiho and Makoto were innocent, but they failed to protect the money. No one came forward to prove their innocence.

A few days later, they get cryptic notes. It convinced them to meet. Both of them find themselves in a strange room with Manabu-Kun. Kun is a character from a controversial children’s Japanese show that was pulled from the air because of its obscene content. They were brought together by one of the group members in the room to settle a significant debt. Friendship games are designed to measure the strength of a friendship. Yuuichi’s trust in his close friends begins to vanish because of unexpected revelations. He must figure out who he can rely on. He ultimately learns the traitor’s true identity. It was revealed by a source that the English dub for the series would premiere on Crunchyroll on April 19, 2022.

Other details

The voice actors of the Tomodachi Game anime are as follows:

Yuichi Katagiri’s voice is given by Chiaki Kobayashi.

Tenji Mikasa’s voice is given by Daiki Hamano.

Shiho Sawaragi’s voice is given by Yume Miyamoto.

Makoto Shibe’s voice is given by Tomohiro Ono.

On IMDb, the series has a good rating of 7.4/10. On MyAnimeList, it has a 7.27 average audience rating. The fans of the last season of Tomodachi Games are interested in finding out what will happen in the upcoming season of this series.

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