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Maxed Out Leveling Chapter 57 is going to be released on this date

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Maxed Out Leveling is a Japanese language manga series. It is written and illustrated by Benio. In 2018, the series was converted into a manga by Ysuke Shiba. Maxed Out Leveling Chapter 57 is rumored to be released on August 22nd, 2022. Read the article till the end to be updated on the series.

Here is a list of release times for Chapter 57 in different time zones.

Pacific Daylight Time: 9 AM

Noon Eastern Daylight Time

Central Daylight Time: 11 a.m.

British Summer Time: 5 PM

Alert!! Some spoilers ahead.

maxed out leveling

Park Tae-hoon’s character cannot be described by words alone. It was amazing that despite being beaten harshly, he was still alive. Lee Ji-Hye and Jeon Jun-ho took to the ground, or better to say, Cha Shin Hyeon put them down.

Cha Shin Hyeon tried to fight back by turning his face toward the strange phenomenon that his mouth would open at will. Park Tae-hoon, who is the Director of the Dawn, was talking to Jeon Jun-ho and Lee Ji-hyeo. They were constantly trying to convince him that twilight hunters roamed Gangwon-do. Both of them were afraid because of a sense of betrayal.

The hunters’ sudden appearance threatened the director. The hunter was anxious after Seo Kang-jin suddenly disappeared. Even Lee Ji-Hye or Park Tae-hoon, who had studied martial arts together, were much stronger than ordinary hunters. They were caught in a death trap.  Shin Hyeon, Lee Ji-Hye, and Jeon Jun-ho were left shocked. Danjeon almost lost all the strength he had accumulated so far. Tae-hoon still had his innate spirit. After the escape, the veins in his entire body were severed badly.

Summary of the story till now

Taebaek Dungeon is a very high-risk dungeon. In total, there are nearly 30 monsters in the dungeon. Each one of them was a powerful, high-ranking hunter. Wolgwan ghyeolro is the female king’s self-defense martial art, which is an optimal martial art for salsa.

Park Tae-hoon’s projection method gave strength to a face-to-face confrontation. It was faithful to the basics. Even though he was about to go crazy in a difficult game. In the end, Lee Ji-Hye allowed her attack again, while giving and receiving a dizzying attack.

The location where the fight was taking place was slightly lower than the surrounding area. because they did not notice the enemy’s approach quickly enough and were left ambushed. Even if Park Tae-hone uses his skills in front, he can run away with light. The impact of Cha Shin Hyeon’s appearance left Limb surprised when they received the Twilight Assault. Lee Ji-Hye, Park Tae-hoon, and the other hunters who were listening were all in shock.

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