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RPG fudosan episode 8 : the Kotone sisters!!! Release date, Recap, What Will Happen Next? 

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RPG fudosan is a four-panel Japanese manga series that is the work of Chiyo Kenmotsu. It has been serialized in the Houbunsha’s seinen manga magazine since July 2018. And it has already released its four tankobon volumes. It has also recently released its anime television series adaptation in April 2022 and that is the work of Doga Kobo. RPG fudosan which is also known as RPG real estate is a light-hearted anime that includes four girls: a semi-human, Fa, Rufuria the priest, Rakira the cool soldier, and the main protagonist of the anime, witch Kotone. Kotone has now graduated from magic.


Plot of the series

The story starts with the defeat of the demon king and then the scene shifts to 15 years after. The world was now a peaceful place. Kotone Kazairo, a mage who has now graduated from the school becomes a magician and moves to Dali. Dali is the capital of a Kingdom that is situated in Actus. She is 16 years old and has headed towards the beginning of a new chapter of her life. She goes to the Rent Plan Guide (RPG) to find a place to settle. There she meets Rufuria the pragmatic priest, Rakira the tomboy warrior, and Fa the adorable demihuman.


In the previous episode of RPG fudosan, episode 7 we saw a dive into two light, comedic scenes. The episode was titled “Doors, Doors, Doors! Open the Door to Summer Vacation. The first arc of the episode started with the discussion of the girls on how they want to get better at their jobs. After that, they went to look for a nice house. They got a good-looking house but the house was filled with traps. Fa even ends up getting stuck on one, she finds out a secret wall by accident whereas a dummy was found by Rakira. Then Kotone was shown starting a fire by mistake searching for a source of light.

The girls caused a lot of damage to the house like Rarika who kicked the wall to rescue Fa as she got trapped behind the secret wall. After some time when the landlord enters, they find out that the house needs major repairs but while they were inside the house they found out some hidden and stolen artifacts. This proves that the house belonged to a thief, which is why it had so many traps.


RPG episode 8

The last episode was released on 18 th May 2022, episode 7 which was titled Doors Doors Doors! Open the Door to Summer Vacation! Since it has been a long time, episode 8 must have also been released by now. You can read our article more thoroughly to find out the plot and story till now to get a brief idea about the anime. And for episode 8 you can go through any official anime website to see the whole episode.

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