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Sasaki and Miyano Season 2 will be released soon, released date, time and spoiler

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The air date for Season 2 of Sasaki and Miyano will be the subject of discussion today. Because of its charming plot, season one was adored by almost everyone. See if any of their prayers were answered and of any help. Later this week, the release date for the second season will be revealed.

Shuumei Sasaki, a lone youngster who is astonished when his senior protects him from bullies, is the primary character of this show. Miyano tries to hide his love for male love manga, but Sasaki accidentally finds out about it. As they grow accustomed to one another, the latter begins cracking jokes with the former.


Second-year student Miyato Sasaki attends an all-boys high school in Japan. To find out what Hirano is doing about the harassment, Miyano stops by his classroom.

Sasaki then offers Miyanon a bandage and half-jokingly asks him out on a date.

When Sasaki begs permission to discuss yaoi comics in class, Miyano feels humiliated. Sasaki battles his growing affections for Miyano in secret. When Tashiro, a classmate, comments on how closely they are connected and inquires as to whether they are dating, Miyano vehemently denies it. Despite Sasaki’s reputation as a troublemaker, Kurosawa, the student who was being pummelling, defends their manga arrangement.

When Sasaki sees Valentine’s Day display on the way home from school, she suggests that the two buy candy for one another. The latter decline the advice, but Sasaki still buys him chocolates.

One day after class, Sasaki leans his head against Miyano’s shoulder and says, “I like you.”

Miyano tries to offer advice while keeping an ear out for Ogasawara’s phone quarrel with his fiancée Emi. Ogasawara reaches out to pat Miyano on the head, but Sasaki, who is walking by, grabs him by the back before realizing that it is Ogasawara who is speaking. After the incident, Miyano begins to doubt his attraction to men and wonders if Sasaki feels the same way.

Sasaki admits to him his romantic feelings for Miyano while they are alone together, but he also adds that he is under no need to respond right away. However, when Miyano inquires as to what it is that he likes about him, Sasaki panics and answers, “Your face.” Miyano struggles to suppress his conflicted feelings for Sasaki when he is left alone and momentarily passes out. After Hirano faints at a committee meeting, he begs Sasaki to watch over Miyano while he visits a teacher. When Miyano first wakes up, he is startled to see Sasaki. After Miyano has left, Hirano witnesses their awkward contact and Sasaki tells him about his confession.

In the end, however, Sasaki finds it impossible to lie to Miyano and eventually tells him the truth about their talk. The student council room key is discovered to be in the mouth of a cat they come across. The cow keyring is then quickly found within.


On November 20, 2020, Sasaki and Miyano’s debut episode was broadcast. If the production timetable is average, Season 2 might premiere around the middle of 2023.

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