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Spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 335: Asta Gets Kidnapped?!

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The official release of Black Clover chapter 335 is just a few days away! By now, spoilers and leaks have been released as usual, and it’s clear from what’s been revealed that both readers and actual Black Clover characters will find this chapter to be mind-blowing!

Below, you’ll find all the information you require regarding this week’s upcoming chapter and more. So let’s get started straight now without wasting any time!

Recap of Chapter 334.

Let’s recall what happened in the previous chapter in the series, named “Fragile Soul,” before we move into chapter 335 spoilers. Make sure you read the chapter for yourself; it is available legally and for free below.

The chapter opens with a succinct description of Asta’s most recent form, which is simply a change in how much power he employs during the devil union. To my amusement, I like this shape better than the other. Asta & Liebe can only be together for ten minutes in this constrained form.

The two adversaries start fighting right away after the justification is finished. After exchanging close calls for a time, neither party being able to connect with the other due to magic, Lucius comes up with a plan: he’ll use physical assaults instead!

Asta is more than ready for this, though, and defeats Lucius owing to a particular King of all Devils. Up until the villain displays his Spade Kingdom grimoire and second magical ability, everything is going according to plan. Spirit Magic! Lucius can cast all kinds of spells and experiment with the fundamental components of what makes a human by touching the souls of his adversaries. And immediately in front of Asta, he performs this exact thing to Sister Lilly.

Since Asta is shielded from all effects by Asta’s anti-magic, Lucius pursues Lilly and succeeds in transforming her into his first True Human. a shape he had recently taken on himself. stunned by Asta’s transformation and Lilly’s now-famous words, “For the sake of world peace, die,” to her. These words momentarily divert Asta, who is thereafter killed by Lucius in the last few pages of the chapter.

Spoilers for Chapter 335.

After catching up, let’s move directly into chapter 335. You have been forewarned that the following section contains confirmed spoilers because certain raws for the upcoming chapter have already leaked.

As we can see Asta, who is lying on the ground and suffering from his gashing wound, chapter 335 appears to begin shortly after the conclusion of chapter 334. Asta tries to stand up and tell Lucius that the fight is still going on even though his blood is painted all over him. The antagonist, though, convinces Asta to think otherwise, saying, “Don’t be too hard on yourself. You aren’t even physically able to move anymore. In addition, you only have a little time to live.

Perhaps Lucius’ assertion would have been accurate if Noelle hadn’t entered the scene at that precise moment, leading a terrified Mimosa. After leaving Mimosa to treat Asta’s wounds, Noelle charges into battle and casts potent water magic upon Lucius and Lilly, two of the “True Humans.”

Now that the hit was perfectly on target, it could have caused quite a bit of harm if Lilly hadn’t done what she did to demonstrate her brand-new magical abilities. With Beelzebub’s spatial magic now at hand. Lucius sums up what the young royal saw in a flash. You see, Lucius was able to purify the devil’s power using his soul magic, and he effectively gave it to Lilly.

He intends to use all the devils he vanquished when he vanquished the last of the underworld’s devils to do the same to humans. That probably explains why Lucius took so long to execute his plan—he was in hell battling actual demons!

Given that his new race of True Humans who possess Devil Magic is engaged in combat for the “protection” of this world, Lucius chose to refer to them as Paladins. As Lucian previously indicated, Lilly is the first of these “Paladins,” and he intends to rule over this new race as the Greatest Wizard King. A comment that irritates the hurt Asta.

Noelle and Lilly argue back and forth after Lilly makes this comment until none other than the Magic Knight Captains show up! Lilly doesn’t waste any time using her new ability to transfer Asta and herself away. Lucius follows shortly after. But not before he looks up at the captains and flashes them his distinctive sneaky grin. So there you have it—the chapter is over!

It’s significant to note that the editor announces the approaching judgment day at the bottom of the final page. This indicates that the chapter will be completely wild the next week! I, for one, am eager to see what Tabata has in store for us.

Launch Date.

The estimated release date for Black Clover 335 is currently August 28th, 2022. There have been no formally stated delays to the forthcoming chapter as of the writing of this article. indicating that Black Clover’s official English release will probably follow the typical release timeline.

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