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What happened in Episode 7 of Classroom of Elite Season 2?

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Episode 7 of Classroom of the Elite Season 2 is released on Monday, August 15. The episode aired in Japan at 9:00 p.m. JST.

The episode with English subtitles became available after its initial release in Japan.

The journey till now

Horikita approaches Sudo in an attempt to convince him to return to the festival. As Sudo wanted to be acknowledged positively, he decided to step up for the festival. Meanwhile, Ayanokoji asks Kushida if she is the traitor. Kushida immediately denies it. She then asks Ayanokoji why he did not change the participants’ list. Later, Kushida admits her wrongdoing and reveals that she leaked the list and revealed her VIP status during the exam. Because she wanted Ayanokoji and Horikita expelled.

When Sudo returns to have a drink, he sees Horikita still waiting for him. He was left surprised. Horikita tells Sudo that they have similarities, which Sudo doesn’t agree with. She talks about her brother and how she continuously tries to catch up with him. She realizes her selfish actions and she also admits that she needs the help of her friends to succeed. Sudo is affected by her speech and agrees to help. Both of them return to Class D. He apologizes for his behavior. Horikita and her partner ask if anyone else can sub for them in the final race. Kushida and Ayanokoji decide to replace them. Ayanokoji runs incredibly fast, at the same level as Horikita’s brother. The final results of the festival show that Class D came in last place. However, Ayanokoji was praised for his running. Meanwhile, Horikita starts acknowledging her growth as a person.

Somewhere on campus, Horikita meets with Ryuen and Kushida. She tells Kushida that she’s aware that she’s the traitor. Horikita also knew about Kushida’s true personality. Kushida threatens Horikita that she plans to get her expelled no matter what. To everyone’s shock, Ryuen also admits that he worked with Kushida and asked Yamashita to injure Horikita. Horikita revealed she was recording Ryuen, but he was no different. Ryuen receives an anonymous email that contains a recording of him instructing Yamashita to target Horikita. A mysterious person was pulling the strings. Ryuen vows to find the mystery person.

What is Episode 7 of Classroom of the Elite Season 2 about?

The latest episode is focused on introducing us to the next trial our heroes have to face and their plans for overcoming it. It seems to be a pair test where only one of the two needs to pass. Horikita immediately exploits a loophole, which results in gaming the pairing of the strongest and weakest members of the class together. Everything looks to be going to plan so far, but there are troubles on the way. Episode 7 focuses on the season’s most interesting character, Karuizawa. She compared herself to a parasite attaching herself to anyone who would protect her. That’s not true. We can have a debate on it. She will do whatever she can to help her protector in return for the protection. The new episode does its job of setting up the next arc in the story. It is interesting and exciting to watch and wait for the next episode.

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