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Anne Heche was trapped in her vehicle for 45 minutes prior to death?

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Anne Heche, the American actress passed away on August 12th, 2022, her death was caused due to smoke inhalation and thermal injuries that she held, which led to her death. The Coroner also listed blunt force trauma to her head as a contributing factor but that was later ruled accidental, after a very in-depth autopsy. Anne Heche was involved in two car crashes on August 5th, 2022, where she managed to cause a lot of property damage in both of these crashes. The use of substances by Heche was also included in this listing as drugs were found in his system, and alcohol too. Heche had 3 children with fellow ex-partner Coleman Laffoon, she even previously dated the American Tv personality, Ellen DeGeneres. Later in an interview, Heche claimed that Ellen was the only woman she exclusively dated, and after that Heche dated and married men only.

Recently the Los Angeles Police Department obtained a few audio recordings that date back to the car crash of Heche, where she was trapped in her burning vehicle for 45 minutes after she had crashed into a property on August 5th. Through the recordings, the time and date stamps were also obtained and confirmed, revealing that it took the firefighters 20 minutes to find Heche and her automobile, and another additional 20 minutes to extract her from her blazing car so she could get medical attention. The chief LAPD told various news outlets, that due to smoke and heavy fire conditions you could see quite clearly into the car, and in such a way that they saw Heche on the passenger seat floorboard rather than the driver’s seat. Later one firefighter even added that they had found a person stuck inside the vehicle and after being given medical attention it was confirmed that the person was one of the residents of the property that Heche crashed into, and not Heche herself. Heche was then extracted from her vehicle with a heavy machine used for towing vehicles before being transported to the ambulance and later taken to the hospital. After an in-depth autopsy, drugs were found in the system of the actress, and the coroner confirmed her death was due to smoke inhalation and heavy fire conditions.
We are glad that Heche’s family has received some kind of closure with the revelation of this audio recording and this piece of information can help them grieve for the late actress.
We offer our condolences to Heche’s family and friends.

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