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Malika Haqq claims that ‘Khloè is doing better than we expect’?

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Malika Haqq:

Malika is an American actress and Tv personality who has appeared in various teenage roles alongside her twin sister Khadijah, such as the Disney superhero movie 2005 ‘Sky High. Born on 10th March 1983, the star shared a child with OT Odis Oliver Flores called Ace Flores, however, the couple has called it quits for good after their almost-reconciliation in December 2020. Malika and Khadijah were seen frequently with the Kardashian family as the twins are extremely close to American royalty, Khloè Kardashian! The twins are seen advising Khloè during various situations on the show, vacationing with the entire family and joining them for their regular nightly dinners. Hence, due to the proximity that Haqq shared with Khloè, the fans also seem to have started including her when it came to talking about the Kardashian and Jenner sisters!


Recently, Haqq appeared on a podcast, and there she was asked about her long-lasting friendship with the youngest Kardashian sister, the 39-year-old even shared how Khloè has been coping since Tristan’s infidelity and the public scrutiny that the entire family faces, but Khloè even more so. When asked, Haqq says that, Khloè has been talking about this situation from a rather personal perspective than any other, and that she feels her ‘glory times’ have been ‘stripped away from her. The timing of this interview was weeks after the news of Tristan Thompson expecting another baby with another baby mama came to light, and so did the court documents regarding child support that he was not paying for. Tristan and Khloè, in July 2022, welcomed their second baby together, a baby boy just a few months after their last breakup!

Haqq later added that in the circumstances that Khloè has been through and pushed into, she is doing considerably better and as well as you can expect her to. She later mentions that Khloè is the strongest person she knows and it is saddening to see her go through the same thing, again and again,, in such a public manner. She says that Khloè has faith in that and, it is not easy for Haqq to watch her go through this, so she knows it is not easy for Khloè either. Malika even shared that she had no problem confronting the man that hurt her friend, she continues saying that family is very important to both of them, and now that they have children and babies it is not easy to take such a big decision.
Fans were delighted to see how Malika talked up Khloè in the podcast interview, and it seems the friendship both of them share will not be going anywhere for a while or so!

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