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Married At First Sight Stars, expecting a baby?

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“Married At First Sight”, is an American reality television series, that has been running for 15 seasons! In this reality show, a group of single people agrees to marry other single people that are chosen for them, by the team of relationship experts on the show. These couples then meet each other for the first time on their wedding day. The premise of the entire show is what interested people to continue watching it for 15 seasons! The show follows all the couples before and even after marriage to see if their relationship withstands these unusual situations, that they were brought together in. Fans have even dedicated themselves to the show and even have their own Twitter hashtag running for reality Tv! The success rate of the couples on the show shows that at least 61% decide to stay married while half decide to file for a divorce from each other. Fans have running bets for the couple that they ‘shop’ or wish to see married to each other, all over social media!

Recently, alums of “Married at first sight” stars Briana Myles and Vincent Morales who were participating in the show in 2021, have announced via social media that they expecting a new baby! The couple was ecstatic to share the news with their loyal fans who have been rooting for them since day 1 of the show, that they are ready to welcome their new child! The couple took to Instagram, that they are expecting a baby girl and cannot wait to start this new chapter in their lives. The fans have been showering them with congratulations, and all the best of luck to the couple.
Myles shared on her Instagram caption that she is thrilled to share this news with everyone and that she is blessed and grateful to be having a baby girl! She even added that she cannot wait to see how Vincent binds with his daughter and that she knows he will be an absolute daddy’s girl. Vincent also shared that he never did have any preferences when it came to the gender of his child but he too, is entirely blessed to be expecting a baby girl, and even he agreed that he would be completely wrapped around his little daughter’s finger! Myles shared with her fans that she is still in awe and cannot wait to take up on this new role her life is offering her and her partner, Vincent also added that he hopes that his partner and the health of the child both through the entire process is okay and all goes good, he even prays for their safety and health, and safe recovery for his wife!

We wish the couple all the very best for this new journey of life!

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