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New song ‘Dangerous’ makes singer Madison Beer tear up?

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Madison Beer:

Born on 5th March 1999, the American singer first started her career on YouTube, where she posted covers of various and several popular songs, to which Justin Bieber posted the link to one of her YouTube videos, and she rose to fame! She released her debut single ‘Melodies’ in 2013, and a few years later her first EP ‘As she pleases’. In 2016, when asked about her sexuality, Beer says that she does not label herself as a lesbian, but she was in love with a woman for many years and that she is bisexual, and that she came out 3 to 4 years ago, she later added that it was not anything new and that most of her close friends and family were aware of the fact! Beer has been very transparent with her fans, she has confessed to having struggled with various mental health issues, and the biggest contributor was social media. She has shared that she would engage in self-harm and was even diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.


Madison’s target audience and fans have always supported the music that she puts out, such as ‘Good at Goodbyes’, and ‘Reckless’ have even gained Tiktok popularity by being used in several videos! Recently Beer released a new song called ‘Dangerous’, the 23-year-old singer shared that she started crying during the Reading and Leeds rehearsal after she heard her song.

She shared that the song is ironically not about a breakup, but about having a long-term relationship with someone and feeling like the other has moved on and forgotten about you, she says that her new song made her so emotional she started to tear up and cry while rehearsing it for upcoming festival performances. She later added that she was anticipating tears for this song and that ‘it is what it is, she also says that she is happy that she has a channel where she can articulate and project these feelings in a healthy way for her and that it feels like a release. With the release of the single fans have been waiting and begging for another album, Beer has even promised them that the next album is all ready and on its way, she is hoping for a January release and that she is extremely proud of it! The fans after hearing what Beer had to say about her new single, cannot wait for her to perform it live and feel a direct connection between her words and her. Her fans are even aware of her struggles with her mental health and are also glad that her singing and songwriting are becoming a healthy way for her to channel her negative and positive thoughts.

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