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Boku No: My Hero Academia Chapter 366-Release Date, Spoilers, Plot and everything you need to know

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Superheroes are the subject of the manga series My Hero Academia, which is set in Japan. My Hero Academia is back this week after a vacation. However, since unofficial translations of chapter 365 are already available, fans are curious as to whether chapter 366 will be released on schedule.

Kohei Horikoshi’s manga series is almost complete. Given the author’s forecast that My Hero Academia will certainly finish next year, every one-piece fan is interested in seeing how Izuku Midoriya and the other heroes handle Shigaraki and All for One.

Deku proudly exhibits his injured gauntlet to everyone upon his arrival at the studio. Deku demonstrates to Mei his seriousness and impatience. He was informed by Mei that they wouldn’t be able to repair the gauntlet in time and that it would need to be fully rebuilt.


On September 11, 2022, Boku no My Hero Academia Chapter 366 and other Weekly Shonen Jump titles will be published according to schedule. The current chapter of Boku no My Hero Academia is Chapter 366.


Izuku is to be lured to a remote location by All For One, where they plan to ambush him and steal One For All. With the use of Kurogiri’s “Warp Gate” Quirk, which Monoma has duplicated, the Heroes are called to the battleground.

When the “Troy” defensive system is activated, evil guys are captured and sent into cages through Warp Gates.


Before realizing that the main body is substantially stronger than his fingers and that his assaults are ineffective, Lemillion wonders what caused this reaction. While this is happening, “Tomura” notices that her mind is split and that, even though her body is finished and must be entirely absorbed, she can still feel an inner element that hasn’t yet merged: Tenko Shimura, not Tomura or All For One.

Lemillion claims that Tenko has no friends, to which Tenko responds that he has Mikkun and Tomo who like him and Mon who always wants to go for walks with him, therefore you do have friends. This causes “Tomura Shigaraki” to sob hysterically. They are both shaken up by the outburst, which forces Lemillion to apologize before taking another round of punches. Report this advertisement to Ezio.

“Tomura” returns to Dynamight and tells Lemillion that he won’t fight someone who is just stalling after realizing he can’t let this go on much longer. Just before his attack, Lemillion reportedly informed Suneater and Nejire Chan of his plans to defend Dynamight and keep “Tomura” busy by engaging in close combat with Permeation. He then goes to Suneater and promises to keep “Tomura” busy for however long it takes him to finish planning the attack.

While “Tomura” simply claims that they are having trouble staying aware and have dug their own grave, Best Jeanist is getting ready to protect Dynamight. By launching more pike assaults, Nejire Chan appears to keep “Tomura” from getting sucked up by her finger.


Boku No: My Hero Academia is available for official reading on Viz Media.

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