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My Dress Up Darling Chapter 80-About, release date, further updates, plot, and many more! Check out all the details here! 

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Before the next installment of Sono Bisque Doll Wa Koi Wo, Suru is scheduled with a publication date, there is still a significant amount of time. However, with the past performance’s postponement, supporters are undoubtedly interested in any news regarding the upcoming one. As of the writing of this article, no such delay has been reported in the media. On the due day each month, My Dress-Up Darling Chapter 80 will be published. And the focus of this chapter will be the story’s female characters. Here is everything you need to know about the text, then.


Everyone was pleased to see Juju in her new appearance. The woman hadn’t dressed for the camera in some weeks. She finally had the time and space to fulfill her goal thanks to the assistance of her female pals. So now that she is prepared, it is time for everyone to congratulate her and snap some photos of this lovely day. The meeting of these ladies will continue in My Dress-Up Darling Chapter 80.

They’ll talk about cosplay, boys, and their future ambitions. Finding out how each character views the cosplaying genre will be interesting. In addition to this, they would all receive some nibbles to keep the evening interesting. Fans may also watch what the males are up to while the ladies are out partying in the meantime.


Dress up, my darling Chapter 79 began with Kitagawa sitting with her daughter and requesting assistance to discover the ideal match. She was then questioned over Juju’s absence from the cosplay. The girl said that she was unaware of this. She simply knew Juju enjoyed dressing up. The sisters then began talking about their experiences with internet shopping and managing their finances in addition to their other jobs.

The topic of their desired birthday party was then brought up. Everyone was informed by Kitagawa that Rana was overjoyed when she received this surprise. The plan was to incorporate Juju back into the cosplay. By the chapter’s conclusion, all significant and minor aspects of makeup and attire had been covered. Juju finished the story by getting ready in her ideal outfit!


This monthly text is often published on the 15th. The timeline has, however, been significantly disturbed since the previous release. Fans are assuming that the release date has not changed as of the time of writing. This indicates that the 80th chapter of My Dress-Up Darling will be released on September 15, 2022.

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