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Nano Machine Chapter 120-Get the overview of Latest Chapters and Read Everything Else

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One of the most well-known Korean manhwas of all time is Nano Machine, also known as Nanomasin. Jeolmu Hyeon and Geum Gangbulgoe, who also illustrated the manga, are the series’ creators.

The webcomic is ranked fifteenth and averages 102,000 views per month. The 100th chapter of Nano Machine by Naver Webtoons, which debuted on June 10, 2020, has already been completed. In addition, with a rating of 4.3 out of 5, it rivals other science fiction-themed manhwas with ferociousness.


Fans of this series are eager to find out when Nano Machine Chapter 120 will be released after the premiere of the previous Chapter. Nano Machine Chapter 120 was made available on August 24, 2022.


Yeowun suppressed his feelings even though he knew he could confront one of the twelve elders. Hameng believed that Yeowun would decide to confront the Poison Clan’s supreme leader, Baek Oh. The six clans were forced to go underground for three years after the Sword Clan paid a price. The fifth test was passed by Chun Yeowun, who is now a more capable warrior. One of the best warriors in the cult was a great warrior.

They were granted the authority to ask for the elders to be removed. If an elder was defeated by the challenger, the challenger was then named a new elder. Yeowun was given a list of the cadets who had visited the fifth floor in chronological order by the instructor.


Yeowun succeeded in the fifth test but was covered in an unpleasant odour. The toxins in his body were expelled after ten minutes of meditation. Yeowun knew it was the dragon serpent’s blood that he had consumed inside the cave. The goo that was consumed by the body helped remove pollutants. Yeowun observed that something was clinging to the stone room’s floor.

Then he understood it was the horn of the white dragon snake he had imagined. Yeowun used his finger to hit the trumpet after raising blue force qi over it.

After completing the test, Yeowun began to give off a very slight demonic odour. In his earlier explorations of Demon Seal Cave, instructor Hou Jinchang has only come across traps.

Hou Jinchang offered Ma Yun a blade and a black dragon ball when he bowed to Yeowun. He made the decision to become a lord since he felt it was too late to teach him as an apprentice. Yeowun slung the blade from his belt. He resisted the urge to act out in front of Lee Hameng, the Left Guardian, and the other instructors. The teachers were enthusiastic. After 70 years, someone was finally eligible to take the test.


On Webtoon, you can read Nano Machine Chapter 120.

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