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One Piece Episode 1031-Release date, Recap, What Will Happen Next? 

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One Piece Episode 1031 will finally examine the largest conflict between Kaido and Luffy after a few weeks away from the Wano storyline. Well, Luffy’s fate has been a hot topic among anime lovers. They had the opportunity to learn about Uta’s past throughout the previous few weeks, as well as how Shanks had affected certain people’s lives. But the main focus will be on Nami’s significant altercation with Big Mom and how things will change as a result. Read on to learn more.

The Land of Wano will be revisited in the upcoming plot. We were left in Onigashima, where Big Mom had a close call with death and everyone was frantically trying to buy some time for Luffy. He’ll return now and be better than ever. With Luffy’s new maneuver, Kaido will be incensed, and things will quickly deteriorate.


The first chapter of Luffy and Kaido’s conflict is “Nami Screams- A Deadly Death Race!”. After being outnumbered and outsmarted by the Worst Generation, Big Mom and Kaido are enraged. They’ll come up with a strategy to cope with and eradicate the Worst Generation. Luffy will finally be able to use Advanced Conqueror Haki. Thus, Kaido will now be significantly impacted by his attack. But the real fight is about to start. However, Kaido will begin to perceive Luffy as a danger.

Big Mom will be furious about Kid and Killer’s deeds in the meanwhile. She was forced from the roof of Onigashima, and she nearly drowned. But her subordinates came to her rescue. Big Mom will now begin punching her adversary. Sadly, Nami will run into the Yonko with her crew, and things won’t be easy for her. However, it will assist Nami in obtaining her greatest powerups ever. In addition, before passing away, Kanjuro would seek the castle for Momonosuke to break the Kozuki bloodline.


One Piece’s ten hundred and thirty-first episode began with Uta whining to her father about Luffy’s training regimen. Makino thanked her for playing with him, but Uta interrupted and said she was only attempting to defend Shanks. No longer should Luffy irritate him, she wished. Luffy soon arrived and begged Shanks to let him join the crew. But Shanks refused, which caused Luffy to sulk. But Uta expelled him. Later, Shanks made known his intention to visit Foosha Village. Two children were running for a rock out at sea. But once there, they understood that it was the Lord of the Coast.

They then began to paddle away. After returning to Luffy, he informed Uta of the sea monster and requested permission to join Shanks. However, she assured him that Shanks could deal with the monster. They ultimately decided to communicate their objectives. With her singing, Uta demonstrated her desire to travel the globe with Shanks. Luffy experienced the same dream. But he desired to travel and sample different cuisine. The Red Hair Pirates turned their backs on Luffy when the crew had returned, which pained him. He went to meet Uta as a result, but Shanks informed him that she had gone to focus on her singing career. He cried all night long. Luffy decided to attend Uta’s concert when he learned about it in the present.


Finally, the Wano arc will resume, and Luffy’s fighting technique will evolve. Consequently, be prepared to learn how Luffy beats Kaido in One Piece Episode 1031, which airs on September 4, 2022, at 11 am JST. Both Crunchyroll and local Japanese networks have it available.

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